Irony Challenged Fox News Viewers To Protest MSNBC’s ‘Liberal Obama Propaganda’


FreedomWorks, a paid sponsor of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, is organizing a tea party protest of MSNBC over what they what they feel is the network’s liberal Obama propaganda.

FreedomWorks is trying to organize a protest of Comcast on May 15 because, “The news programs at NBC and MSNBC, run by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, reflect total agreement with the Obama agenda. These “news” organizations even adopted the Obama re-election campaigns “Forward” slogan. Is this what Comcast subscribers and American voters need?”

Here is the kicker. FreedomWorks is also demanding a press that is free of personal and government influence, “The American people deserve a fair press that is free of personal or government influence. Pushing propaganda is misleading and unfair to voters and consumers. It’s one thing to be supportive of the President. It’s another thing to parade propaganda as objective news. In a free market, companies are allowed to pursue what they think is in their best interest – but their consumers are also allowed to disagree!”

What FreedomWorks doesn’t mention is that their idea of not pushing propaganda involves paying Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. FreedomWorks spends millions of dollars each year on “embedded advertising” on Beck and Limbaugh’s shows. The embedded advertising is clever, because it is advertising disguised as a regular part of the program. The hosts don’t disclose that they are being paid lots of money to say nice things about FreedomWorks. In other words, it is a form of paid propaganda. FreedomWorks also pays money to Beck and Limbaugh to raise money for their organization, because nothing screams a free and fair press quite like secretly paying the media to push your agenda.

FreedomWorks promised that thousands of people would show up at their tax day protest in Washington, D.C. Instead, their website got three RSVP’s. With their elderly supporters infirm or quite possibly dead, the right wing group is trying to motivate people to actually show up to one of their events by playing on the right wing liberal media card

The irony of FreedomWorks appealing to people who rely on Fox News for their information to protest the “propaganda” at MSNBC should not be lost on anyone. FreedomWorks wants 60,000 people at the protest in Philadelphia next week. However, judging by their recent track record they’ll be lucky if they get a few hundred.

If FreedomWorks really wants a media that is free of propaganda and personal influence, they should start by protesting Fox News.

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