Karl Rove Exploits Ambassador’s Death In Scummy Ad Attacking Hillary Clinton For Benghazi

Karl Rove has released a sleazy ad using the deaths of four Americans to attack Hillary Clinton for Benghazi. It is a conspiracy laced bucket of fail.

Here is the ad:

Rove’s ad uses the death of Ambassador Stevens to set up the right wing’s whistleblower conspiracy theory. The ominous narrator says, “A 22 year diplomatic veteran intimidated for daring to blow the whistle all under Hillary Clinton’s watch. How could this happen? Why did she blame a video? Was she part of a cover up?…The difference is a coverup and four American lives that deserve the truth.”

The fact that there was no coverup, and the right’s so called whistleblowers had been allowed to talk to congress two previous times before the latest House hearing are completely ignored by Rove’s sleazy ad.

Rove’s ad reveals that the Republican Benghazi obsession is really all about smearing Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election. The truth is that the deaths of four Americans are being exploited for partisan political gain by the Republican Party and their outside groups. For them, Amb. Stevens and the other three dead Americans are political props.

This ad evokes the same nauseating feeling as Rove’s ads that exploited 9/11 did when he was trying to get George W. Bush elected in 2004, and that’s why it doesn’t work. Rove is so out of touch with today’s politics that he is still using the Republican Party’s post 9/11 politics of fear playbook. As an added bonus, the ad is also trying to play on the right’s decades long hatred and paranoia about the Clintons.

The right isn’t obsessed with Benghazi. They are obsessed with stopping Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election. Rove’s attack ad was a shallow and callous attempt to use the deaths of four Americans as the foundation for a Republican victory in 2016.

Rove is wasting more of his right wing billionaires’ money if he thinks that this is going to slow down Clinton. In fact, there is a better chance that this ad backfires and makes Republicans even less popular.

Outside of the right, nobody cares about the conspiracy theories surrounding Benghazi. This ad was a scum bucket of fail, and it shows how desperately low the right is willing to go to try and stop Hillary Clinton.

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