John McCain Goes Wacko Bird and Accuses Hillary Clinton of Benghazi Cover Up


Sen. John McCain went total wacko bird on This Week when he accused Hillary Clinton of being part of a Benghazi cover up.


Transcript from ABC News:

RADDATZ: Would you call this a cover-up?

MCCAIN: I’d call it a cover-up. I — I would call it a cover-up in the extent that there was willful removal of information, which was obvious. It was obvious. Mr. Hicks said in his testimony, his jaw dropped when he saw Susan Rice do that — I was on — I was on another Sunday morning show after Susan Rice, my jaw dropped. I said, look people don’t bring rocket-propelled grenades and mortars to spontaneous demonstrations.

RADDATZ: Do you blame Hillary Clinton?

MCCAIN: …I think that the secretary of State has played a role in this, and I…

RADDATZ: Do you think she had a role in those emails?

MCCAIN: …I — she had to have been in the loop some way. But, we don’t know for sure. But I do know that her response before the Foreign Relations Committee, who cares? Remember when she said, well who cares how this happened, in a rather emotional way? A lot of people care, I say with respect to the secretary of State. And she…

RADDATZ: So would you like to see her back on The Hill testifying again?

MCCAIN: Oh, sure. We — we need a select committee that interviews everybody. I don’t know what level of — of “scandal”, quote, unquote, this rises to. But I know it rises to the level where it requires a full and complete ventilation of these facts. Now here we are nine months later, and we’re still uncovering information, which frankly contradicts the original line that the administration took. And so, we need the select committee, and I hope we’ll get it. And the American people deserve it, and…

What evidence does Sen. McCain have that there was a cover up, and that Hillary Clinton was involved in it? He has none, but this little detail isn’t about to stop him from calling for a select committee to investigate Benghazi. No sir, John McCain isn’t about to let any more potential Sunday show appearances get out of his clutches by letting this attempt to smear Obama and Clinton die the death that it so richly deserves. John McCain is a team player, and Team Republican wants him to go down with the sinking ship on Benghazi.

If you listen to congressional Republicans talk about Benghazi, they can’t provide any actual evidence of wrongdoing, but they all “know” that there was a cover up. What’s really happening here is that the Republican call for a select committee is really about trying to get the mainstream media to spread their Benghazi lies.

The reason why McCain wants Clinton to testify again is because that is the only way that these hearing will generate any media attention outside of Fox News. When Republicans have old man McCain on the Sunday talk shows talking cover up, it’s clear that they intend to beat the ghost of this dead horse until the end of time.

John McCain called Rand Paul and Ted Cruz wacko birds when they floated drone conspiracy theories, but the Arizona senator expects to be taken seriously when he launches into a Benghazi cover up conspiracy.

This is a case of the wacko bird pot calling the wacko bird kettle black.

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