Fellow Progressives: The IRS ‘Scandal’ Is a Crock and You Should Fight Back


Republicans never rest. If they would dedicate a fraction of the time contributing to the betterment of the country as they do in trying to destroy the Democratic Party and its black president, what a delightful and lustrous nation this could be. But alas, such is not the case. First it was “Fast and Furious”, then “Benghazi.” Now, concurrent with Benghazi, it’s the repugnant tax snoops, the IRS, TARGETING so-called Conservative groups.

Supposedly, Fully 25% of the estimated 300 groups that were being scrutinized by the IRS as to whether their non-profit tax status as either 501 (c) (3) or 501 (c) (4) was deserved had Tea Party or ‘Patriot’ in the organization’s name. That was considered a red flag and the IRS appropriately paid particular attention to these groups. And Democrats are voiding all over themselves for such allegedly abject IRS behavior.

I thought Hardball’s Chris Matthews was going into atrial fibrillation when discussing the matter on his MSNBC show Monday evening. Time magazine’s Joe Klein, a guest, and Matthews must have tsk, tsked for 10 minutes. Matthews called on the president to fire every Internal Revenue Service employee with even the most tenuous ties to examining the inner-financial workings of Tea Party-type organizations.

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President Obama sternly condemned the IRS in what is now being called a scandal. “It’s outrageous”, the president fumed. “Those responsible must be held fully accountable.” Lighten up Barry. Accountable for what? Examining the books of a bunch of political hustlers and professional Obama-haters with operations supported by unidentified millionaires and billionaires? A Democratic Senator, parroting Obama, is calling it an “outrageous abuse of power.” Republicans are reacting with unbridled glee, cloaked in somber tones…something about “profound distrust” and we better start hearings in the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee. The Inspector General is investigating. The least credible news organization in all media history, Fox News, blathers that the administration is “spiraling out of control.” That’s like the Crips or the Bloods calling Mix Martial Arts “too violent.”

The Director of the Department overseeing tax-exempt groups, Lois Lerner said “We made mistakes. For that we’re apologetic.” Horse patooties! Repeat after me. When a horde of right-wing, racists under the guise of God-fearing and patriotic organizations, suddenly show up contemporaneously in full political bloom and ready to attack all things Obama, unless you’re a featherheaded idiot, you look into where their money is coming from and whether they are abusing the “non-profit” tax-avoidance system for what are repeated attempts to destroy any influence of the federal government. All for the greater glory of their mentors and sugar daddies, the filthy rich (FR) and multinational corporations.

And would I try to minimize the fact that a certain percentage of the “targets” have Tea Party or Patriot in their titles as the IRS is accused of doing? You bet your ass I would. The so-called Patriot groups are already threatening a 2nd Civil War and Tea Party meetings have been known to be havens for people packing all manner of firearms. You want these fools attacking your IRS offices?

Here’s what the IRS has been looking for. The biggest political farce on earth is the extraordinarily naïve perception that a Tea Party 501 (c) (3), the right-wing entity that sprung up nationwide, fully nurtured and politicized in a matter of weeks, hasn’t been in daily violation of the letter and spirit of what is supposed to represent a true non-profit organization. Offices, Websites, meeting place rentals, Speakers and entertainers (often paid), their venues, travel expenses, millions of professionally printed and expensive handouts and mailers, communications – all in 50-state servitude to the Republican radical right agenda. That’s many multiple millions of taxable dollars from somewhere.

Here’s the definition of a 501 (c) (3). See if Tea Party and Patriots meet it. It (the organization) must be operated for one of the purposes or missions specified in Section 501. That means it operates EXCLUSIVELY for a charitable purpose, which includes such activities as providing relief for the poor (HA!!!), defending civil rights (HA!!!) and advancing education, science or religion. What? Vouchers, destroying public schools, climate-deniers ($120 million of FR money has gone to sympathetic groups) and/or religious zealotry?

The Tea Party and the extremists “Patriot” groups are full-on, 100%, dipped in cement political organizations. Period! They laughingly use the term “issues” to somehow represent proof of their non-profit status.

A 501 (c) (4) must be operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. The NRA is a 501 (c) (4). God knows, 30,000 gun-related deaths a year are the very definition of “social welfare.”

Let’s take a closer peek at this attack on the IRS thing. The timing is obvious. The likes of Mitch McConnell and his right-wing ilk are up for re-election in the Senate and House very soon in political time. That means they have to stack on as many “scandals” as they can conjure. Add the IRS to the list. Embarrassed Democrats, will either opt out of running or do the Republican-lite tap dance, following the hugely counterproductive example of Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

You should know that some of these IRS inquiries have been ongoing for a couple of years. If fully 25% of the 300 “targets” include Tea Party and Patriot gun nuts, it’s because that’s where the most-likely abuse resides. You don’t look for peaches in an orange grove.

To review. The fact is that there has been a proliferation of both 501 (c) (3) and 501 (c) (4) groups in the past few years, and, while I don’t know the exact numbers, I would suspect that Republican organizations far outnumber the Democrats. The IRS first reacted to this explosive growth over 3 years ago. They were called off of any deep digging at that time, but resumed their inquiries a year later. And inquires they are. Men dressed in black didn’t knock down any doors. Affected organizations were asked to provide information, just as you’re asked to provide information with a minimum of a paper trial unless something arouses IRS suspicions.

While they’re at it, the IRS should take a long, deep look into the books of other nonprofits like the Foundation for Excellence in Education. FEE’s founder and chairman is Jeb Bush. If you don’t think that Jeb’s cross-country “education” jaunts are anything but setting up the political mechanisms for a run at the Republican presidential nomination, then I have some of that proverbial swamp land to sell you. As the Huffington Post reported recently, Bush also took some heat for “using donations from for-profit companies to lobby for state education laws that would benefit those companies.”

Think about how many right-wing foundations and organizations you’ve read about right here on PoliticusUSA that have been awash with politics 24/7 and yet still claim non-profit status.
Stand up to your goober right-wing brother-in-law. These Tea Party and Patriot gun-smooching extremists richly deserve to be “targeted.” The Website, Gawker, reports that in 2008, the IRS said 75% of 501 (c) (3) organizations were “campaigning for political parties, candidates and measures.” Ask ‘left-wing’ churches how many times they’ve been targeted, especially during the Bush years.

My suggestion? Expand the right-wing list!

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