While Under Investigation for Ethics Violations Michele Bachmann Urges Obama Impeachment


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) renewed her push for Obama impeachment, while she is under investigation for ethics violations related to her 2012 presidential campaign.

Here is Bachmann at a press conference claiming the people of her district want her to impeach Obama:

Bachmann said, “I will tell you, as I have been home in my district, in the sixth district of Minnesota, there isn’t a weekend that hasn’t gone by that someone says to me, ‘Michele, what in the world are you all waiting for in Congress? Why aren’t you impeaching the president? He’s been making unconstitutional actions since he came into office.”

The most ridiculous part of Bachmann’s calls for Obama’s impeachment is that she is currently the subject of 3-5 separate ethics probes related to her 2012 presidential campaign. In Iowa, a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate Bachmann’s alleged improper payments to a state senator. Bachmann is also under investigation for improper use of presidential campaign funds to promote her book, the theft of an email list of a Iowa homeschoolers, and money laundering. The Office of Congressional Ethics is also investigating Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Bachmann’s political career may be finished if she is charged in just one of these investigations, yet she is out there in the public eye revving up talk of impeaching Obama.

The hypocrisy would be stunning if you didn’t realize that this is Michele Bachmann we’re talking about. Bachmann has claimed to be a small government conservative, while she and her family profited off of government subsidies. Michele Bachmann has been a scandal waiting to happen for years, but she thinks President Obama should be impeached.

It takes a ton of nerve to call of the impeachment of the President of the United States while you are under investigation by a special prosecutor. Unlike Michele Bachmann, there is zero evidence that Obama has done anything wrong.

Scandals may ruin somebody’s political career soon, but the person most likely to be thrown out of office isn’t Barack Obama. It’s Michele Bachmann.

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