Jon Stewart Tells Rumsfeld and Cheney Obama’s Transgressions Do Not Wipe Away Theirs


Stewart Rumsfeld

Speaking of what he calls “Hurricane Scandy” and the “shitstorm that is rocking the Obama administration,” Jon Stewart on Wednesday reminded the pair of war criminals, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, of their own past transgressions.

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Calling Rumsfeld “Señor WMD Migilicuddy Esq.” Stewart asksed,

You believe the Obama administration is promoting a narrative? Not because it’s real but because it fits their hopes and what they want to be the case? You? The guy who wanted to go after Saddam Hussein on 9/11 while the President was still reading ‘My Pet Goat’? You? And somehow managed to make that attack happen even though Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11? ‘Rumsfeld’ is German for promoting a narrative because it fits your hopes and what you want to be the case. It is the rare German word that is actually shorter than the thing it is describing. So no. You alone don’t get to come to the victory parade for the Republicans. You’re the only guy who doesn’t get to weigh in.

Enter Cheney calling Obama a liar: “Did I say one guy?” Stewart quipped.

Stewart tells Cheney,

You do not get to use the L word. In fact, you don’t even get to watch the L word. After the lies you told, you don’t get to doubt anyone’s credibility. If a baseball breaks your window and your grandkid walks through the door with a baseball bat and tells you that Zack and Cody from The Suite Life did it while they were playing a game with Sponge Bob, you just have to f*cking choke that down.

Stewart allowed that while people are entitled to their moment of “righteous” Schadenfreude, he reminded them that ”history didn’t start Friday, and Obama administration transgressions do not wipe away yours which are many und grievous.”

Stewart’s critique reminds us that Republicans and the mainstream media have an interesting relationship with Bush and his legacy. They ignore Bush when possible – sometimes it’s as if he never existed – and we see his sins assigned instead, magically, to Obama.

The Republicans are not the aggrieved party here: that would be the American people, who were led down the primrose path by these criminals and then gang-raped in the bushes (pardon the pun) while the world alternately laughed and cried. Rumsfeld and Cheney are the architects of that crime and as Stewart reminds them, they of all people have no right to criticize now.

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