Benghazi Bullshit: The Real Scandal is the Media Pretending that Republicans Aren’t Lying


Pardon my language, but I’ve had it with this bullshit.

The real scandal, the only scandal, is that your “free press” is once again pretending as if Republicans are not lying to them. They are pretending that House Republicans did not feed a lie to the press in order to forward their bullshit Benghazi narrative.

The press is very busy and important moving forward the narrative that there’s a scandal. Oh, you might be impressed at first that they’ve finally found the courage so clearly missing during the Bush years, when they scraped the lies off of the administration’s feet with subservience and deference befitting propaganda outlets.

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But you’d only be impressed if you didn’t look any deeper. You see, there is one consistency here and that is that when Republicans lie to the press, the public, and Congress, from WMD to Benghazi, the press carries their water like the corporate serfs they are.

They are not doing this to hold the executive branch accountable. They are doing it because this is the only time they have any balls at all, and they must make a show of it. They haven’t the courage to stand up to corporate Republicans in Congress because their corporate bosses need their Republican stooges to deregulate them for the profit. They haven’t the integrity to stand up to Bush’s WMD. But boy oh boy, can they stand up for phony Benghazi bullshit!

On the Sunday shows this week, you’d have thought that Jake Tapper never busted ABC’s deliberately misleading Benghazi email “exclusive” as the joke it was. Much concern over the trifecta of scandals. Yesterday I was listening to CNN on satellite radio, and they were breathless with the scandals– would Obama ever recover?

But it’s perfectly okay for ABC to lie to the public, carrying Benghazi bullshit for their conservative reporter who didn’t even demand to see the original email before passing along Republicans’ interpretation of it as fact.

Your media hasn’t the guts to call ABC out, just like they got Fox’s back when the President said they were not a news organization. It’s a big club, and the only reason you got the Tapper story is probably because Tapper has a grudge against Karl. He should despise him for being a moron and a Republican stooge, but that’s not the problem at all. After all, we all remember when Tapper was carrying GOP Benghazi water, so concerned that the administration might have not been honest – based on nothing but Republicans claiming so during an election — oh, but, integrity!

The problem is that ABC replaced Tapper with this former CNN conservative because, you know, chasing after a demo that is aging itself out of existence seemed like a great plan to ABC. I don’t give a crap why Tapper went all Benghazi bombshell on Karl, Karl set himself up for it. But who is going to go after the rest of the walking dead corporate puppets?

Do they even care about the truth? If they did, Republican Benghazi bullshit would not be headlining. The headline right now should be that ABC doesn’t see anything wrong with what Karl did, and apparently our misinformed public couldn’t give a crap either. Kim Kardashian! Sparkles! Oh, yes, and Obama is Nixon/Bush only worse. Wrap that up with a bullshit bow, because that is all you are getting for news from the bullshit factory that brought you WMD as a real thing.

Note: I save bad language for moments like this, when nothing else will do. My contempt runneth over.

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