Keith Olbermann Breaks Liberals Hearts by Going Back to Sports

Keith Olbermann

Liberals are still pining for Keith Olbermann to return to MSNBC, but on Wednesday it was announced that he’ll be covering Major League Baseball’s postseason at TBS… At least for a month.

In a conference call, Olbermann joked with reporters, “The safety valve here is that my season is about a month long. And if you check, if you go through the 37 pages of my resume, you’ll see that every one of my jobs has lasted at least one month. So we’re covered no matter what the eventuality is.”

Turner Broadcasting sports president David Levy wouldn’t discuss whether Olbermann would be with the network past the one month mark, the Wrap reported, but he threw cold water on the hopes of liberals when he said he hoped the new studio show would “last for a long, long time.”

And Olbermann tossed some ice on it with this, “Whatever else could be out there could not be as compelling as this.”

Olbermann might not be the easiest guy for management to get along with, but he’s so good at his job that his loyal audience follows him wherever he goes. His supporters are still loudly and consistently voicing their desire that he will return to his 8PM slot on MSNBC.

Hearts were broken a bit by Wednesday’s announcement, but the fire of hope burns on.

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