Obama Jabs Republicans By Calling Susan Rice a Patriot Who Puts Country First


While introducing National Security Adviser appointee Susan Rice, President Obama took a jab at Republicans by describing her as a patriot who puts her country first.

The president starting off by praising outgoing National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. The president then announced that Susan Rice will be taking his place. He also nominated Samantha Power to take over for Rice as UN ambassador. The president called Rice an exemplary public servant. He said that he was “absolutely thrilled” that Rice will be back at his side leading his national security team. Obama said, “Susan is a patriot who puts her country first…” He also praised her record as the UN Ambassador. The president praised his nominee to replace Rice, Samantha Power and urged the Senate to confirm her immediately.

If Rice is a patriot who puts country first, what does that make the congressional Republicans who demonized with their Benghazi conspiracy? The president’s use of the phrase country first was interesting because that was also John McCain’s campaign slogan when he ran for president in 2008.

McCain tweeted this morning that he is disagrees with Obama’s decision to appoint Rice, but he would make every effort to work with her, because you know, country first.

President Obama isn’t exactly being subtle with the political messaging behind the Rice appointment. This is a bit of payback for the way that congressional Republicans treated Rice when her name was being floated as a potential nominee for Secretary of State. The president is making it very clear that he hasn’t forgotten the way that Republicans tried to destroy her, and this appointment could be his way of rewarding, and helping a fine public servant rehabilitate her reputation.

Politically, Republicans are now in a serious bind. The woman that they spent months dragging through the conspiracy mud is now the person that they have to work with if they want action on Syria. The usually boring topic of foreign policy just took a very interesting turn.

Congressional Republicans may find themselves eating a lot crow because they just been served a heaping helping of Susan Rice by President Obama.

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