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National Disgrace Rush Limbaugh Compares the IRS Scandal to the Holocaust

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The shame of our nation, Rush Limbaugh, hit a new low today by comparing the IRS scandal to the Holocaust.

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: Folks, here’s the thing, I guess, that gets me. I mentioned Herbert Meyer. We interviewed him for the Limbaugh Letter a few short months ago. Herbert Meyer was in the national security apparatus during the Reagan administration. He was a good friend of Ronald Reagan, and was instrumental in establishing Reagan administration policies that brought down the Soviet Union. The big news to him that’s really noteworthy, we talked about it, is that he thinks that the world’s coming out of poverty. And it is a big story, The Economist in London had a big story on it recently. We mentioned it to you, and it’s a great testament to capitalism.

It’s not socialism, it’s not welfare, it’s not compassion and it’s not the redistribution of wealth. It’s not high taxes that are bringing people out of poverty. It’s capitalism, and none other than a leftist publication in London had to admit it. Well, Herb Meyer was the first to sound this notice some months ago. I also mentioned he wrote a piece that currently is in the American Thinker earlier this week, and it had the potential to be controversial because he used Adolf Hitler and Nazism in it, and it was his way of explaining, he made a point in the piece that nowhere, you know, people looking for a smoking gun to nail Obama on all these scandals, Herb says, “Ain’t gonna be one.”


He said whether you believe it or not, there is not one document linking Adolf Hitler to the holocaust. Adolf Hitler never put it on paper what he intended to do. There is no smoking gun. And yet what happened? We know that the Nazis engaged in the Holocaust. Herb Meyer’s point was that the people Hitler hired didn’t have to be told. They didn’t have to be given instructions. All they had to do was listen to what Hitler was saying. All they had to do was listen to what his objectives were. And he said the same thing’s happening here with this administration. He went to great pains to say: I’m not calling this administration a bunch of Nazis. I’m just using this as an illustration. I know people will get my point if I use something this notorious, the Nazi regime.

It’s a point that I’ve made here about the IRS. They say, “Well, you can’t link it in to Obama.” You don’t need to link Obama to it. He hired these people. Lois Lerner and everybody at the IRS who’s doing this is doing everything they can to please Obama. There’s not gonna be a smoking gun, but you don’t need a smoking gun to know where this administration’s doing what it’s doing.

Obama puts people in positions that mirror him. Eric Holder, you name it, they’re doing Obama’s bidding. Everybody. Susan Rice and Samantha Power, they are Obama, and there’s a context for what’s happening. Herbert Meyer, if I may quote him again, asserted that essentially what’s taking place in the United States right now is a coup, not a violent coup, and not a million artistic coup, but nevertheless a takeover of a government, and it’s being done by the Obama administration.


The idea that President Obama is staging a coup against the government is jaw droppingly dumb, because Barack Obama is the democratically elected head of the government. If Obama is staging a coup against the government, that means he is staging a coup against his own administration. The idea that President Obama is staging a coup against himself was offensive to the intelligence of every American, but Limbaugh’s adoption of the comparison of the IRS scandal to the Holocaust was offensive on a completely different level.

Limbaugh was careful not to tread on Glenn Beck’s gimmick of calling the Obama administration Nazis, but the idea that making some conservative groups provide more documentation before they got their tax exempt status could be equivalent to the mass murder of millions of Jews is nauseating. But if there is one thing conservatives love more than anything else, it is the feeling of persecution.

It is ironic, and symptomatic of their myopic selfishness, that the privileged few like Rush Limbaugh feel so persecuted. The wealthy feel persecuted when it is suggested that they ought to pay their fair share of taxes. The super rich feel persecution when their groups get caught breaking the rules for non-profits by engaging in partisan political activities.

The conservatives who are crying persecution have no idea what real persecution is. Persecution isn’t having to fill out some extra IRS forms before you receive your tax exempt status. Persecution is losing your job, having your possessions confiscated, being moved to ghetto, and eventually a death camp because of your race, religion, disability, or any other factor that the ruling regime deems subhuman or undesirable.


Persecution is a sexual fetish for the right. They get turned on by something that most of them have only imagined, but never experienced.

No, the IRS scandal has nothing in common with the Holocaust. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insulting the memory of the millions who died at the hands of some of the most evil men that the Earth has ever seen.

Republicans, you have now officially overreached on the IRS scandal.

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