Fox News Hosts Racist Mark Furman To Talk About The George Zimmerman Trial


In case you were wondering what kind of fair and balanced coverage Fox News will be providing of the George Zimmerman trial, Megyn Kelly hosted infamous former LAPD detective Mark Furman to discuss the case.

Video via Media Matters:

Furman claimed that Trayvon Martin supporters are uninformed. He said, “You look at this case. This is a very hard case to prosecute. I think we see the underlying reasons why we’re in this position. Certainly, George Zimmerman’s not without fault. Certainly, can you prosecute this case, or are just creating something to disappoint the really uninformed audience? It doesn’t matter what race they are. The uninformed audience that doesn’t understand the law enforcement, investigatory, and judicial system in so much as what you can and can’t do.”

Just in case there was any doubt of where Fox was coming from on this, Kelly also teased some videotape that the defense was going to try to backdoor into evidence.

It is obvious who Furman was referring to when he mentioned uninformed people who don’t understand law enforcement and the judicial system. In the real world, his comments would perfectly describe Fox News viewers. However, he was clearly referring to the supporters of Trayvon Martin. Many of the people and groups who spearheaded the movement to get justice for Trayvon also happen to be African American.

Furman is well known for his racism. Beyond the OJ Simpson trial, Furman has also called racial profiling, “an ignorant myth and also referred to African Americans eating fried chicken after they killed someone.

Video of Furman’s fried chicken comment:

It appears that Fox News is getting set to use the Zimmerman trial to inflame racial tensions, and divide the country. Having Mark Furman on the air to talk about the killing of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman was a despicable bit race baiting.

As long as this trial lasts, you should expect Fox News to sink to even greater depths of racism to defend the killer of Trayvon Martin. The trial is supposed to be about the killing of Trayvon Martin, but for Fox News it will be all about using race and racism to fracture the country.

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