Things Get Weird When Rush Limbaugh Tries to Talk His Listeners Out Of Impeaching Obama

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Rush Limbaugh actually spent time on his show trying to talk his callers out of impeaching President Obama. Could Frankenstein be turning on its creator?

It all began with a pro-impeachment caller:

CALLER: Two reasons why it’s critical for America that we go through the impeachment process. First reason is, the IRS profiling of conservatives and Christians was intentional voter suppression, and that’s a constitutional legacy for our kids. It’s something we inherited, and it’s something we owe to our children. But, Rush, the second most important reason is, Obama left two SEALs to die in the dirt in Benghazi. And they were sitting there for six hours. There was military that was ready, willing, and able to rescue them, and they didn’t. And, Rush, if we don’t at least go through this process for America of impeachment, we’re really leaving them to die in the dirt also.

Well, you know, I would defer to our leadership, the Republican leadership, as to whether they do it, you know, whether this is before or after the reaction, but, Rush, we can’t go quietly into the night here. I mean, what happened to our guys in Benghazi has gotta be answered and to put up with the response of, “What difference does it make?” It makes a huge difference. And, you know, Rush? We may not win this fight. It may be that the House impeaches him and he gets off in the Senate, which is what happened with President Clinton, but we got to go through the process. It’s more about us as Americans than it is about Obama. We’ve got to go through this process.

Limbaugh says that Republicans are unlikely to impeach Obama, because they still feel like they are paying the price for impeaching Clinton.

The very next caller that Rush Limbaugh happened to to have on agreed with him that conservatives should get off the impeachment thing. Here is her call and his reaction:

CALLER: I just wanted to put in my two cents about the impeachment thing. I think it’s the worst thing we could do as conservatives, to even talk about it. I think we just got to get off the Obama thing because it’s got to be the worst thing we can do. Let’s just get on to the Democrats, let’s just get on —

RUSH: Yeah, I agree. She’s reacting, folks — Diane, thanks very much. We had a caller in the first hour who thinks for the sake of the country, we have to state who we are. We have to plant the flag and tell everybody who we are, what we stand for, and what we will not tolerate. And for that reason we need to begin impeachment proceedings against Obama, and that’s what Diane’s reacting to. Politically it would be disaster because it isn’t gonna happen, ain’t gonna go anywhere. It doesn’t have a chance, and Obama, folks, as much as you don’t want to hear it, he should not be the focus, at least in terms of persuading people.

It’s got to be the Democrat Party and the ideology, liberalism, socialism, because all of this that’s happening can be tied directly to a political party. Obama needs allies for this to happen, and he’s got them. This is what happens, and you can point it out city by city where liberals have run the place unchecked. You see literal ghost towns. You see bulldozed Third World type locations, and this is linked to a particular political party, and that I think is where attention needs to be focused. I agree with you, Diane. I’m glad you called.

It is funny to see the Obama hate that Limbaugh has spread since 2008 come back and bite him in the backside. I am afraid that monster he has created is on a path of self-destruction. Rush Limbaugh understands what will happen to the Republican Party if they catch a bad case of impeachment fever.

The Obama hate that Limbaugh helped to create has gotten completely out control. Limbaugh can’t talk them down anymore. They are hell bent on impeaching Obama because these are the seeds that Rush Limbaugh’s gutter stream of hate speech against this president have sown. Limbaugh has been demonizing President Obama everyday for nearly five years. What did he think was going to happen?

Of course, his audience is going to demand that the Republican Party impeach Obama. This is what he has been telling them that the president deserves. The Republican rank and file is reaching the point where their own media can no longer control them.

This dynamic caused the weird scene today where Rush Limbaugh was actually arguing against Obama impeachment. The right is starting to hit code red, and not sure if Rush Limbaugh can stop the Republican meltdown.

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