Keeping the Scandal Train Rolling. Hillary Is the Current Target.


What on earth was going on with Hillary Clinton’s State Department? Whistle blowing snitches have revealed activities so heinous and oversight so careless under her watch that while Republicans are far too polite to even hint at the obvious conclusion, it’s inescapable; “There’s no way this former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State can lead this country as President.”

I hope you’re sitting down because I’m about to echo the compendium of detestable events that happened under Ms. Clinton’s watch. CBS’ crack investigative team seems to be out in front of the story. Pretty much meaning the snitch knocked on their door first and handed them a bunch of paperwork (the investigative team didn’t even have to take their feet off their desks). Here’s what the latest of the ongoing Obama administration scandals involves. The general heading would identify US state department officials as involved in “sex and drugs scandals.”

Hang on; here we go! According to CBS, leaked internal documents “obtained” by the Network news department said staff protecting the ex-Secretary of State regularly solicited sex workers. The practice was described as “endemic” (a regular occurrence). I’m in real danger of going into CARDIAC ARREST!

There was also an alleged drug ring that may have provided narcotics to state department contractors near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. I’VE JUST FALLEN BACKWARDS, MY BODY SLAMMING ONTO THE FLOOR! Some U.S. Ambassador perv in Belgium supposedly repeatedly escaped his ‘protective security detail’ and was said to be “visiting prostitutes in a public park.” Other sources darkly whisper of underage minors also involved. All kidding aside, if the latter is true they ought to lock that SOB in Ad Seg and throw away the key. The so-called security detail would actually follow the accused into the park but never saw any sexual activity. For his part, the Ambassador said he was simply going for walks after tiffs with his wife.

But there’s more.

A State Department security official was said to be “engaged in sexual assaults against foreign nationals working as embassy guards in Beirut.” Assuming the official was a male, it sounds like an old-fashioned BJ to me. This would be ignored? Puleeze!

Then there’s the NY Post recent breathless report on the killing of 2 Honduran men and 2 pregnant Honduran women in a fishing boat by Honduran authorities firing from a helicopter. There were 2 DEA agents present at the time. This is old news. Everybody concedes that neither agent fired a shot. The DEA is accused of stonewalling congressional requests for an investigation. Since the agency was not responsible for killing anybody. I would also suspect the DEA wants to keep their drug interdiction efforts as far from the national headlines as possible or should they email the coke kingpins and let them know their every move.

The fact is (though apparently missed by the media) that the region of the shootings, around Ahaus, is a hotbed of cocaine trafficking and the dirt poor residents make a few extra lempira loading and unloading the illegal cargo for distribution and shipment. It is also a fact that the DEA commented publicly on the events of that day (back in May of last year) and subsequent night that started when a plane off-loaded its coke cargo onto the boat. The spokesperson’s name was Dawn Dearden. The DEA official position is that the agency acted only in an advisory capacity. Honduran police were also quoted at the time as saying that they were fired on from the boat. What exactly is there to know?

Considering this happened over a year ago, if any congressional committee wanted to investigate, they certainly knew the DEA’s public position and could have pressed for public hearings after a visit to Honduras for the Honduran police and local take on the shootings.

Now, take a peek at this. Here are 2 paragraphs from the Huffington Post, circa 12/19/2010:

“Documents obtained by The Associated Press under the Freedom of Information Act describe previously undisclosed offenses committed by more than 200 contract employees in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries between 2004 and 2008. They were working under a broad State Department security services contract shared by DynCorp of Falls Church, Va., Triple Canopy of Reston, Va., and the company formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide – Xe Services of Moyock, N.C.”

“Most of the infractions, which include excessive drinking, drug use, sexual misconduct, and mishandling weapons, were violations of corporate and U.S. policies that probably went unnoticed by ordinary Afghans and Iraqis. But other offenses played out in public, undermining U.S. efforts in both countries and raising questions about how carefully job candidates are screened.”

Were there howls for the head of Condoleezza Rice who was Secretary of State virtually the whole time of the Bush-era drinking, drugs, shootings, sexual misconduct, violations of corporate and U.S. policies?

The Blackwater case was especially egregious. The private security contractor (the name has since been changed to protect the guilty) fessed up to breaking 17 federal criminal laws and paid about $50 million in fines. If I remember correctly, other contractors lost or stole billions of dollars in that interim.

Finally, let’s talk about drug use in a war zone. Ask your uncle who pulled some time in Nam. Ask him about drugs. He’ll tell you that for a lot of young soldiers there was something about being half-stoned that made live fire slightly less terrifying. Not convinced? Visit this site about drug use in Vietnam.

As for the most recent “scandal”, the right-wing media and their clueless cohorts all report that the alleged misconduct reportedly occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Check the crime stats of Youngstown, Ohio when you’ve got some time to kill. A Secretary of State oversees about as many worldwide employees as there are citizens of Youngstown. There remain tens of thousands of private contractors in the war mix as well.

Long ago Darrell Issa promised that his goofy and totally ineffective committee; (quick, name one thing they’ve accomplished) would spend all their time investigating. That’s a promise he kept. If only local C authorities would have investigated Issa with equal zeal back home in California, we wouldn’t have to bother with this babble.

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