We Want Our Nation Back: How Corporate Controlled Media Is Ruining Your Country


On The Liberal Fix, Sarah Jones discussed how corporate media is eroding freedoms, serving their own interests, and making America less informed.


Here is the audio of Sarah on The Liberal Fix:

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The hosts of The Liberal Fix raved about Sarah’s interview, and well they should. I may be a tad bit biased here. (Ok, I definitely am biased, but Sarah was absolutely dynamite.)

For me the most interesting part of the interview was Sarah’s discussion of the corporate media. Sarah said, “It (the media) doesn’t tell the whole story. The coverage, I mean, we have a lot of problems. The first problem is that larger media corporations are corporate run. They have a relationship with the very people they’re covering. When you’re talking about legislation, you’re talking about Congress. The Congress passes the legislation that rules those corporations, so they have a this relationship, a symbiotic relationship, where everyone has something they want to get. so that means they’re not going to ask the tough questions. They’re going to be called off from asking those, and that’s not even getting into the pressure from advertisers to call off stories…So you have all of this money in play, and you have the media that is supposed to be covering Congress actually run by corporations who need those people they are covering to vote a certain way to deregulate their corporations, so of course, you’re not going to get the truth the truth that way.”


Sarah pointed out that stories about people needing jobs, or getting thrown off food stamps aren’t sexy enough for the corporate controlled media. This is exactly why we need independent media. The mainstream media is no longer interested in, or capable of, telling the important stories. The majority of Americans don’t care about the IRS, or Edward Snowden. They do care, and need to know about why Republicans in Congress are blocking job creation. They want to know why their school districts have few teachers, and services for students have been eliminated. Most of all, people need access to the facts.

Sarah explained why it is impossible for a corporate controlled media to tell the truth about a corporate controlled government, which ties perfectly into what this website does.

We don’t take prisoners. We liberate them from the anesthetic of the 24/7 news cycle.

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