Nancy Pelosi Warns, ‘We are in a place where a woman’s health is in danger’

House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) warned that this Congress’s assault on women’s rights has put women’s health is in danger on Meet the Press Sunday morning.

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David Gregory brought up the historic Supreme Court rulings on the Voting Rights Act and same-sex marriage and then alluded to state Senator Wendy Davis’ 11 hour filibuster over an anti-abortion bill in Texas, asking Leader Pelosi if she thought abortion rights were in danger of going to the states.

Nancy Pelosi pointed out that it was more than just “abortion”; it’s a matter of women’s health, and that it is “largely Republicans voting against contraception and family planning,” and that this is “a fundamental disrespect of women’s judgment re the timing and size of their family.”

The Democratic Leader of the House focused on families’ rights to have their judgment trusted, “Every single day in the ordinary family they have to make decisions, that should be made by them, not by Texas or the federal government.”

The former Speaker minced no words in warning that this Congress is placing a woman’s health in danger, “I think we are in a place where a woman’s health is in danger… There is an assault on that in Congress… We have to be ever vigilant.”

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