Fair and Balanced Fraud Exposed: 94% of Fox News Viewers Are Republicans


A new Gallup poll exposed Fox News for the fraud that it is by finding that instead of being fair and balanced, the cable news leader caters to a viewership that is 94% Republican.

The Gallup poll on where Americans get their news painted the clearest picture yet of why Americans are so under informed, and who is really watching Fox News. Americans still overwhelmingly rely on television for their news. 55% of Americans get their news from television. A majority of those polled didn’t specify one network as their source of news (26%), but Fox News (8%), CNN (7%), and local news (4%) were the top three named sources. (Only 1% of Americans get their news from MSNBC.) The Internet (21%) topped both print media (9%), and radio (6%) to be the second most popular source of news.

Republicans (63%) get more of their news from television than Democrats (54%) because of Fox News. Twenty percent of Republicans listed Fox News as their news source. Democrats divide their loyalties, but CNN not MSNBC is their favored network.

Gallup dug into the demographics to paint a clear picture of who is watching Fox News. Sixty six percent of Fox News viewers are over age 50. Sixty nine percent of them are married. Fox News viewers are more likely than CNN viewers to be white, Protestant, attend church weekly, and earn over $75,000 a year. 66% of core Fox News viewers identified themselves as Republicans, and 94% of Fox viewers identified or leaned Republican.

Fox News’ audience mirrors the Republican Party, because it is the Republican Party.

For years, the mainstream media has been playing along with the lie that Fox News is just like all of the other networks. However, no other media outlet has such a partisan audience profile. An example of how partisan Fox News viewers are can be found in the fact that they gave President Obama a 2% job approval rating in the same Gallup poll.

Fox News has been selling a lie for decades. The network isn’t fair and balanced. Most Americans already knew that Fox was ideologically biased, but FNC has been able to spread its bias because other networks have adopted the Fox News model and talking points. By giving Fox News legitimacy, the rest of the mainstream media legitimized pro-Republican bias in their own reporting.

The media’s willingness to copy what Fox News has done has led to a disconnect between who the media thinks America is, and who America really is. Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. The reason why Fox News is the cable news ratings leader isn’t because the country is more Republican. It’s because Republicans as a unified group watch Fox News. If Democrats rallied behind a single news network, that network would be larger than FNC.

Fox News made news partisan by pulling off one of the great frauds of all time.

Fox pretended to be a legitimate news operation when they have always been a tool of the Republican Party that was made by Republicans and for Republican viewers.

The numbers don’t lie. There is nothing fair and balanced about Fox News.