Eric Cantor Dreams Up A Shockingly Stupid Plan To Kill Obamacare


Majority Leader Eric Cantor has come up with a plan to kill Obamacare that is so full of holes that it takes Republican House stupidity to a brand new low.

The National Review Online reported:

Cantor urged his colleagues to use the White House’s delay of the employer mandate as a political battering ram against the administration’s prized law.

“Seize the moment,” Cantor told them. The delay, he predicted, could “destabalize the coalition for Obamacare.”

He then called on the House to pass a one-year delay of the individual mandate to go along with an employer-mandate delay.

“After both bills pass we combine them into one bill to send to the Senate,” he said. “On the delay of the employer mandate, we will make the point that the president doesn’t have the authority to just ignore the law. It will also force Democrats into the position of supporting or opposing the president.”

There are several problems with Cantor’s plan. There is the little fact that the White House has already announced the delay of the employer mandate. House action isn’t required. There is no reason for the House to be passing a bill. Secondly, so what if the House passes a bill delaying the individual mandate for a year? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can do the same thing to the House bill on the individual mandate that Speaker John Boehner and Eric Cantor are doing to the Senate immigration bill. Reid can ignore their bill, and toss into the pile with all of the other meaningless legislation that the Republican led House has passed that will never see the light of day. Democrats won’t be forced into a position on anything, because they will ignore the House bill.

It is almost as if Majority Leader Cantor is living in some sort of alternate reality that prevents him from being able to see what is going on in the real world. Here is what will happen if the House follows through on Cantor’s knuckleheaded strategy. Democrats will use the House passed bill in their argument for why they should be given back the majority in 2014. Instead of passing jobs legislation, or dealing with any of the issues that the American people care about, House Republicans continue to dream up new and different ways to kill Obamacare. Democrats will argue that House Republicans refuses to pass any meaningful legislation, which is why they need to be shown the door.

Cantor’s plan is built on the assumption that the American people are as dumb as the majority in the House of Representatives. His grand scheme is further proof that House Republicans are only interested in politics. Cantor has no interest in passing legislation that would actually do something. For him, the legislative process is all about gaining a political advantage.

This politics first approach is exactly what is wrong with the House, and it making Eric Cantor look like an idiot for proposing such harebrained schemes.

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