Texas House Republicans Pass Their Unconstitutional Abortion Bill

texas protesters

Texas House Republicans jammed their absurd abortion limits bill through in a second special session Wednesday with a vote along mostly party lines. The bill will head back to the Senate where it died previously due to state Senator Wendy Davis’ epic filibuster. Expect a vote by Friday in the Senate.

The Texas legislature didn’t seem to even notice that a Wisconsin bill containing similar restrictions just got struck down by a judge for failing to demonstrate how it benefited maternal health. “[T]he State must demonstrate that the regulation is reasonably related to ‘the preservation and protection of maternal health’ but it failed to do so.” Try not to snicker.

When you see Republicans limiting women’s freedom, you know they’re busy running for re-election already. Their base is very strict about pushing women back to the 1950s, especially in Texas where the “Right to Lifers” — who don’t support any life but the unborn all so that they can grab control over women under the concern troll guise of care — keep careful score of Texas lawmakers’ votes.

It is unconstitutional to try to restrict access to abortion, but that doesn’t stop “Constitutional Republicans” from trying to do exactly that, any more than claiming to be “Christians” stops them from being down right nasty to people who support the lives of American women.

These are not family values and they are certainly not adherents of Constitutional freedoms.

It was only two days ago that Texas Republicans had troopers drag Sarah Slamen out of the chamber for exercising her first amendment rights.


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