Trayvon Martin’s Killer Walks as Killing A Black Kid Who Committed No Crime is A-OK in Florida

“God’s Plan” as George Zimmerman once described the Trayvon Martin killing apparently also included a not guilty verdict at around 10 PM Eastern time, 7/13/13. The plan was to kill an effing punk and one of those assholes (read black) who always get away. The defense lawyers assured us that describing the victim as one of the posse of those effing punks and a-holes in no way hints of hatred, ill-will and spite. And that’s how you convince a jury of 6 women (4 tied closely to guns) to let your guy walk away from a Murder 2 charge and a lesser-included of manslaughter.

So, Zimmerman is a free “softie” (more about that later). Free to patrol the 3 streets (one of the names escapes him) of Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida.

The two biggest myths in all jurisprudence played out the same way they almost always do at trial. The witness oath means less than nothing. In virtually every case ever tried, perjury is the staple of any number of witnesses and most certainly, defendants (in this case, Zimmerman did his lying outside the court). It’s just as bad in depositions.

The second myth is the highly abused term “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Do you really think cases are decided yea and nay “beyond a reasonable doubt?” Almost never! A sly shyster (Mark O’Mara comes to mind) attorney can cast doubt no matter the weight of the evidence. The O’Mara’s of our world can snake-oil their way to getting virtually any jury to believe virtually anything and find a manifest human killing machine innocent because the prosecution didn’t prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Notable exceptions are black defendants.

Why do I think O’Mara is a “shyster” attorney? Here’s a stark example (one of many). For closing arguments he brought 2 cardboard cutouts into the courtroom, one representing young Martin, the other Zimmerman. The cutouts were designed to show how much taller the kid was than Mr. Softie. When standing next to the Martin cutout, O’Mara was exactly the same height. O’Mara is 6’2″. Martin is 71″ (5’11”) according to a measurement of the body by an associate medical examiner. The Zimmerman cutout was supposedly 5’7″ (it could have been less). Zimmerman was called to stand next to the phony Martin cutout and it looked like Paul Bunyan vs. Matt Roloff from TLC’s “Little People, Big World.” That’s what a shyster attorney like O’Mara will do. And nobody called him on it.

I repeatedly listened to and timed the now iconic 911 call replete with multiple screams and the sound of the shot that killed Trayvon Martin. Here’s my take on the tape. I timed the intervals between the screams. I’ve concluded that both the victim and the killer screamed, mostly the killer. I’m convinced that Martin was on top fighting for HIS life. I’m equally convinced he was pummeling Zimmerman. I’m not remotely convinced that Zimmerman’s head struck the concrete more than 3 or 4 times at the most, and lightly at that, his wildly diverse claims of 12, 25 and dozens of times notwithstanding.

But, back to the 911 tape. You can follow along at the AudioBoo site that has the clearest version I’ve been able to find. I started with what I perceived as a Zimmerman scream 32 seconds into the tape. Listen to the tape. Two different voices without a doubt. At the end, I feel that Zimmerman pulled his gun and Martin sat up, not yet shot and exclaimed, as Zimmerman told Sanford police officer, Doris Singleton, “You got me” meaning, you’ve got a gun and I’m through fighting. I think Zimmerman advanced the gun to Martin’s chest eliciting 2 Martin screams at :41 and :43 into the tape just before the :44 fatal shot. Zimmerman later changed his story to include more Martin verbiage, but I believe the first version fits the timeline seamlessly.

And Zimmerman? Here’s the non-burnished and accurate version of “Mr. Softie” compliments of a well-researched Reuter’s profile. As you’ll see on the Reuter’s site, Zimmerman is not exactly as painted by O’Mara and friendly witnesses. “Mr. Softie” has a nasty temper. He pushed an alcohol control agent checking out Zimmerman’s underage pal in a bar one night. He was charged with resisting arrest, violence and battery of an officer and beat the rap only when agreeing to a diversion program that included ANGER MANAGEMENT!

Then there’s the “calm” Mr. Zimmerman’s relationship with Veronica Zuazo. The one where he and his then-fiancé each filed a restraining order against each other. Zimmerman was accused of domestic violence (gee, more ‘violence’) and there must have been enough bad guy indicia there to make sure he stayed away from the lady. She terminated the relationship. And how ’bout the gun-toting side of “Mr. Softie?” He was packing a fully loaded Kel-Tec PF9 semi-auto while supposedly heading toward his nearest Target store (yet another lie?) on that fateful night. So you go to the store with a holstered pistol?

To me there were four turning points in the trial. One was the abysmal prosecution effort of Bernie de la Rionda. I’ll just describe it as pathetic and let it go at that. Another critical juncture in the trial was the appearance of prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel, a native Hatian teenager who was on the phone with Martin at vital points prior to the confrontation. I’ve covered this territory before. She could have been a star witness, but, in the main was combative, confusing and added nothing to the state’s case.

Third, was the appearance of prize bulls**t artist, John (or Jonathan) Good. This guy claimed to have seen Martin on top raining down blows on Zimmerman, who while having the balls to push a cop and being schooled in MMA for nearly a year, was completely helpless under a boy more than a decade his junior who he outweighed by 46 pounds. In a night variously described as pitch dark and virtually impossible to see even a few feet (remember, Zimmerman had a flashlight), Good, with owl-like night vision, was able to clearly describe the confrontation and exact coloring of the outer clothing of both combatants.

The fourth turning point borders on obscene. I refer to the phony, doctored, fairytale “animation” of the night’s events as seen (“created”) through the eyes of the defense. How Judge Debra Nelson could allow a single pixel of something that even she described as not being evidence into the final argument for the defense defies comprehension and logic.

Nelson said the animation could be used as a “Demonstrative Exhibit.” Even O’Mara allowed that the animation was “Somewhat made up.” What an understatement. To prove Zimmerman was injured on concrete both the victim and defendant were essentially stretched out on just the concrete. The scene was bathed in enough light for the grand opening of an auto dealership and the animation was shot over the shoulder of Good, while O’Mara mouths a running commentary on “ground and pound.”

So, it’s over. The killer walks. Quoting Zimmerman, “These assholes always get away.”

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