Rick ‘Niggerhead’ Perry Tells African Americans There’s No Racism In the Justice System


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On CNN today, Gov. Rick Perry took a break from stealing the rights of women to let African Americans know that there is no racism in the justice system.


Transcript via CNN:

CROWLEY: Watching the action across the nation to the not guilty verdict in George Zimmerman’s murder trial people have gathered in the streets of downtown Chicago. Federal and state officials are keeping a close eye but mostly things have been pretty calm. In just a moment I will talk to the governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn. I want to go first to Texas and Republican governor Rick Perry made a lot of news this weekend. Also a lot of news being made in Florida, governor. So let’s start there. What do you make of the Zimmerman verdict and the reaction to it?

PERRY: Candy, without a doubt, a tragic event and as your experts you had on the previous segment they did a very good job of laying out the details of the case. And the issue boils down to you had two very, very capable teams, prosecutors and the defense teams laying out the evidence and the jury made the decision. And although, you know, there maybe people on either side of this that don’t agree with how it came out, the fact is that we have the best judicial system in the world and we respect it. And you know, that’s my position is that a very thoughtful case was made by each side, the jurors made the decision, and we will live with that.

CROWLEY: And certainly the critics have said, the critics of the verdict have said we respect the jury, but the other point they’re making is that innately the justice system is racist, is unfair to people of color, in particular African-Americans. Do you think that?

PERRY: I don’t. I think our justice system is color blind, and I think that, you know, again, you don’t find people that always agree with the jury’s decision. But that’s the reason that we have the system that we have in place. And I think it, you know, by and large, it may not be foolproof. People may make mistakes in the jury system on the civil side. You have that appellate process, but in this case, I will suggest that two very extraordinary capable teams laid out the issues and that jury made the right decision from their standpoint.

I am not sure who is the bigger idiot here. Rick Perry for suggesting that the justice system is blind when in his home state African-Americans make up 12% of the state’s population, but are 40% of Texas’ death row inmates, or Candy Crowley for asking a man who used to hunt at a place called “Niggerhead” what he thought of the Zimmerman verdict.

From his perch of white male entitlement Rick Perry loves to look down on people and tell them how things really are. Perry told women that they weren’t insulted by his comments about Wendy Davis. He has managed to follow that up by telling African-Americans that there is no racism in the justice system. Of course, Rick Perry can’t see the racial inequalities in the justice system. He is too busy executing inmates.

Not only has Texas hit the 500 mark in inmate executions, but according to the Texas Moratorium Network, “Out of all the executions in Texas since 1982, only one white person has ever been executed solely for the murder of an African-American: Lawrence Brewer was executed on September 21, 2011 for the murder of James Bryd, Jr.”

A white Southern governor who puts African-American inmates to death faster than any state in the country is fine with George Zimmerman walking around as a free man after killing Trayvon Martin.

Even by the low low standards of Sunday morning talk shows, Crowley’s question and Perry’s answer were a sick and disgusting joke.

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