Fundamentalists Want to Drive Your Womb Like a Clown Car

Deace and FischerCall it the Divine Mandate to Outbreed the Icky Brown People. That’s the cry of bigotry-besotted Religious Right these days. If you can’t stop ’em at the border, outbreed ’em at home. The survival of Western Civilization is at stake.

Watch the AFA’s Director of Issues Analysis Bryan Fischer, rock the issues on his July 3 Focal Point:

Bryan Fischer says if we’d breed, we woudn’t need all those icky brown people to cross the border in the first place!

“The whole argument for immigration is, ‘We got to get workers.’ Why? Because native-born Americans simply are not reproducing at rates fast enough to increase the population. So we know what we need to do. Let’s get busy.”

No wonder they want to limit women to the status of sex toys. Breed, ladies, breed!

As Right Wing Watch reported, on July 3’s episode of Focal Point, Fischer said that the “White House, Senate and Supreme Court are controlled by ‘lawless, immoral and godless’ people and that America’s last hope lies with ‘conservatives in the House of Representatives; they are the last link between the American people and any shred of constitutional form of government.”

Fischer always manages to pack a lot of bombast and dishonesty into a few words and he does so here with his claim that the House Republicans care a fig for the Constitution. We’ve seen where Republican governance leads. Just look at Michigan and Wisconsin for evidence. The Constitution is the first thing thrown under the bus.

Texas is another good example of what Republican governance looks like, and it isn’t pretty. It for sure has very little in common with the ideals of the United States Constitution.

In fact, Republican governance is to the Constitution what the toilet bowl is to the kitchen table.

And then there is Steve Deace, Iowa’s Mini-Fischer, who echoed Fischer’s breeding call this week:

“Who’s going to stand along-side your children and grandchildren when jihadists target them?” ranted Deace, leaving me to wonder who will stand alongside my children and grandchildren when bigots like Deace target them.

“We’ve got to make sure our kids get married at a younger age and start living out the birds and bees right away and often. Indeed, the reality is this whole thing called Western Civilization might hinge on the Duggars,” he said, referencing the TLC reality show about a fundamentalist family with 19 children.

Apparently, Western Civilization is now to be identified with a small group of angry white racists and religious bigots like Fischer and Deace.

A nation full of Duggars would not be representative of Western Civilization. Sorry guys, that’s not gonna fly.

Neither is the breeding. As one commenter on YouTube said, ” My womb is not a clown car.”

Fischer has nothing on Deace for pure bombast or for adherence to facts, for that matter. Nothing either man says bares more than a passing resemblance to our shared reality, but that’s how your average member of the Republican base likes it: prior beliefs fulfilled and reinforced, bigotries justified, and hate on the dinner table.

Then they can all climb in the clown car and drive to the KKK rally and guzzle Rebel Yell. Good times.

What is remarkable about all this is the Republican Party’s complete disavowal of all those kids once they are born. I mean, they treat kids like they want to treat immigrants. Bereft of healthcare and jobs, without safe food to eat and safe water to drink, lacking an education, they’ll become Deace and Fischer’s new audience and muddle through life as serfs to serve the ultra-rich.

It is difficult to conceive of parents who think this is a great bargain but apparently the base has become convinced that sucking Koch is the new American Dream. And all the Kochs wants to do while they and their fellow CEOs increases his pay by 16 percent each year is take away the minimum wage.

No, the only slice of Western Civilization any of this bears a resemblance to is the god-infested, superstition- and serf-ridden 13th century. Now the 13th century has, as George Carlin said, been alive and well in the American South for a long time. But now they want to export it to your neighborhood.

Apartheid is the America these bigots want.

So get breeding ladies and create the future’s new Übermenschen to rule over the icky brown serfs. There’s lots of great catches like Fischer and Deace lining up to drive your womb like a clown car.

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