Juror Wants New Laws So That Future George Zimmermans Won’t Get Away With Murder

Zimmerman juror B 37 issued a statement to CNN calling for new laws that will enable juries to convict shooters like George Zimmerman.

The juror gave a statement to CNN today saying that she was done with interviews, and she called for new laws, “My prayers are with all those who have the influence and power to modify the laws that left me with no verdict option other than ‘not guilty’ in order to remain within the instructions. No other family should be forced to endure what the Martin family has endured.”

She also used the statement to try to explain why she had a book deal, “There was an agreement with a literary agent to explore the concept of a book which discussed the impact of sequestration on my perceptions of this serious case, while being compared to the perceptions of an attorney who was closely following the trial from outside the ‘bubble.’ The relationship with the agent ceased the moment I realized what had been occurring in the world during the weeks of my sequestration. My prayers are with Trayvon’s parents for their loss, as they have always been. I now wish for me and my family to recover from being selected for this jury and return to a normal life. God bless.”

By claiming that Florida needs new laws, this juror confirmed that the jury had been misled about the meaning of Florida’s self defense law. Florida does need a new law, but they also need juries to be properly instructed on the meaning of the existing law. The jury in the Zimmerman case arrived at their verdict by weighing what is looking more and more like a half understanding of the self defense law.

It doesn’t seem like the prosecution wants to retry Zimmerman, but they may have that option if the law was misstated to the jury.

I am not buying B 37’s backtracking on the book deal. She didn’t just cancel the book deal. A social media campaign against the book deal led to both the publisher and the juror pulling the plug.

B 37 is starting to change her story more often than the defendant that she voted to acquit. We should prevent future Zimmermans, but we also shouldn’t forget the one that is still walking around free because this juror helped to acquit him.

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