Republican Black Thursday: Stocks Are Up 110% Under Obama, Closing in On Reagan’s 116%

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As Darrell Issa tries to bring down Obama again today, Obama’s actual, real record is speaking volumes on its own, and it’s not saying scandal or failure. It’s saying resounding success.

On this Republican black Thursday, we’ve gotten news that stocks hit record highs and ObamaCare is cutting costs by more than 50% for individuals who are buying their own insurance. Not a good day to be a Republican.

Things are so bad for Republicans that Carl Quintanilla of CNBC tweeted, “At this moment, stocks are up 110% during @BarackObama’s tenure — closing in on Reagan’s 118%. (via Rich Peterson, S&P)”. Rich Peterson is the Director, Global Markets Intelligence, S&P Capital IQ.

Conservatives: Et tu, Ronnie?

Obama is the closest thing to Reagan this country has seen since before Reagan, given that much of Reagan is a myth. However, conservatives worship St. Ronnie allegedly because of the above. And yet, Obama agrees with Reagan and not the current GOP on Social Security and now here we have Obama inching to taking out Ronald Reagan’s stock surging record. OMG. Prepare for end times.

Why are those stocks soaring? Oh, you know, a fluke. Or, as CNN put it, “Investors pushed the Dow and S&P 500 to new trading highs Thursday, as they welcomed a batch of strong earnings and a drop in jobless claims.”

The Dow Jones industrial average gained more than 100 points, or 0.7%, while the S&P 500 also rose 0.7%, to an all-time high.

Yes, that’s right. The Obama economy is at it again. Buoyant stocks, drops in jobless claims – and all of this without the help of Republicans. All of this, actually, in spite of Republicans best efforts to bring down the country as punishment for electing the Democrat.

It was just seven days ago that the Obama economy shattered records with a huge budget surplus in June. So what we have here is a Democratic president whose economic and financial record is that of a fiscally responsible President, what some might label a “fiscal conservative”, only a real one- one who pays for programs he enacts and doesn’t just borrow like a drunken frat boy from the taxpayers — not a stingy, greedy, selfish, irresponsible “fiscal conservative”.

See, when you’re careful with your money, and you pay for things instead of playing shell games with “credit” and “debt” you pretend doesn’t exist, that same sense of responsibility not only allows but informs compassionate policies.

Obama knows when to use our gains for the betterment of those more vulnerable than us. Obama knows that we have a moral responsibility to care for the vulnerable in society and that when we look out after one another, we are a stronger and better country. When we try to live up to our promises to our veterans and our children and care for our elderly, we are a better country. Not only because that’s democracy, but because that is what a truly successful country looks like.

And this is why Republicans only want to talk about the fictional monster under their beds instead of the real record of the actual President. Benghazi! IRS! This is why Darrell Issa is wasting taxpayer money again today, trying to scare up an anti-Obama drama from the dusty confines of his single basket of goodies.

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