The FBI Won’t Let George Zimmerman Have His Gun (Murder Weapon) Back


Another sign that civil rights investigation into George Zimmerman is progressing came when the FBI froze a Sanford Police plan to give Trayvon Martin’s killer his gun back.

According to the LA Times, “The Sanford Police Department froze its plan to return Zimmerman’s gun Thursday after the FBI put a hold on evidence in the case, Sanford police spokesman Capt. James McAuliffe told the Los Angeles Times. The FBI’s request signals that the Justice Department is proceeding with its civil rights investigation into Zimmerman’s killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.”

Zimmerman’s attorney has argued that his client needs the murder weapon back right now because he might have to use more “self defense.” Attorney Mark O’Mara said, “[There’s] even more reason now, isn’t there? There are a lot of people out there who actually hate him, though they shouldn’t.” Zimmerman’s response to the anger surrounding his shooting of an unarmed African American teen is to claim that he may have to shoot more people, because his first killing obviously didn’t keep him safe.

What has never seemed to occur to the Zimmermans of this world is that if they wouldn’t have shot somebody in the first place, they wouldn’t need a gun to protect themselves from the other “threats.”

Zimmerman’s desire to quickly get his gun back is another hint that this man should not be allowed to walk the streets, or at least not allowed to own a gun. It seems his answer to any threat, real or imagined, is to shoot first, shoot second, and shoot third. While this mentality virtually assures him lifetime hero status at every NRA convention for decades to come, it also puts on full display the mindset of a trigger happy killer.

The federal government needs to take a long look at George Zimmerman, because with his mindset, Trayvon Martin might not end up being his final victim.

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