Ken Cuccinelli Reaches National Joke Status Thanks To The View

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While explaining to an incredulous audience that Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli wants to make it a felony to have oral sex, “– a felony! YEAH!”, Whoopie Goldberg mainstreamed America’s disdain for Ken Cuccinelli’s extreme Republican values. She also vowed to keep him out of the governor’s mansion.

This is exactly what Ken was told to not let happen. The plan to get Cuccinelli into office has been: Do not let them know what a whack-a-doo you are. Run as a moderate Republican and keep your mouth shut until after you’ve been elected.

Watch here:

“Michael Douglas better stay out of Virginia,” Joy Behar deadpanned.

The panel had a laugh at Cuccinelli’s plan to outlaw oral sex:
“I think we all should—”
“You should stay out of Virginia, Mamma!”
Barbara Walters asked, “What ever happened to the slogan ‘Virginia is for lovers’?”

And so mocking Cuccinelli’s extremism was mainstreamed.

Walters explained that Cuccinelli automatically equates oral sex with homosexuality, to which Sherri Shepherd quipped, “Well then I’m gay as a — I mean I’m just saying!”

Walters continued reading Cuccinelli’s explanation of his fear of oral sex and the homosexual “agenda”, with the ladies getting bug eyed and horrified at “When you look at the homosexual agenda, I cannot support something that I believe brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul.”

The ladies were gobsmacked — oral sex brings self-destruction? Oh no you don’t, sir…

That was it for Whoopie. “You know what? I gotta say… first of all, how do I know you haven’t indulged? That’s the first thing. And the second thing is, why are you in my bedroom?!? GET OUT!!! Get out!!” The audience was totally with Whoopie on this one. Cuccinelli’s approval ratings just fell even lower, at least among the literazzi.

Whoopie continued, “Because, what he is saying and what he is doing are two different things and I don’t remember God saying anything about you being in my bedroom and telling me what to do.”

Playing the God card against the tent revivalist con artist! Good one, Whoopi. She finished off, “Sir, you’re not going to become the governor if you stay on this track. I’m gonna make sure your behind doesn’t become governor.”

The audience loved Whoopi’s speech a lot more than anyone has ever loved Ken Cuccinelli (see oral sex). Joy got in the last word, “He wants the government on my back and my husband off of it.”

That’s it in a nutshell. Cuccinelli wants to be in your bedroom telling you what to do and what not to do. #Winning.

This is super bad news for Ken Cuccinelli, whose biggest task in the upcoming election was to keep voters ignorant of his extremism. Even the Republican business community warned him that he was too extreme. In March, Politico reported on a very tense meeting Cuccinelli had with top GOP donors:

Shapiro (Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Arlington-based Consumer Electronics Association) spoke up next and was even tougher on Cuccinelli. As a hushed room looked on, Shapiro, who sits on the board of the influential Northern Virginia Technology Council, said the state’s centrist-oriented business community won’t back the Republican standard-bearer because he’s out of the mainstream.

“Gary just slammed him,” said one attendee.

The business community isn’t alone in their concerns over Ken’s bizarre beliefs. Republican women were fleeing Cuccinelli’s ticket after he accused Planned Parenthood of being “racists”. Let’s face it, Ken has some issues that don’t appear as shiny and golden in the light of day as they do in his imagination.

You might have thought his ethics (or lack thereof) were the problem, but ethics problems are only problematic for Democrats. We’ve come to expect them from Republicans, and then they tell us all that God sanctioned their greed and it’s all okay. But to be out of the mainstream to such a degree that you want to tell everyone they can’t have oral sex, well, sir, you are out of order!

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