Don’t Argue With Racist, Stupid TeapubliCONS; You’ll Live Longer


Don’t argue with the stupid, pea-brained, knuckle-dragging Teapublicons in your lives.   Seriously, my fellow sane Americans…I only do it because I enjoy yanking their chain, and so I would have material for this column (Hahaha!), but if you value your sanity and logos, leave these short-school-bus riding people alone!

In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal, my toothless, gun nutty, Ted-Nugent-wanna-be friends took to Facebook to defend Zimmerman’s innocence—and apparently, though they’ll never admit it, protect their own white privilege.  Let me share with you just one such exchange I had to endure (although I’ll admit I totally enjoyed the complete self-righteous insanity of it all) this week:

Me:  George Zimmerman found not guilty… WOW!

PoliticusUSA writer Keith Brekhus puts it best:

“While some on the Right are expressing fears that if Zimmerman is acquitted, blacks will riot, a greater concern should be that if Zimmerman is acquitted whites and those who pass as white will [now] have legal sanction to murder African-Americans with impunity.”

Him:  I have great faith in the jury system. In order to have been acquitted, all 6 jurors had to have voted that he was innocent based on the evidence presented. There is no better bullshit detector than I jury. I do not doubt or question their decision which was certainly based on the totality of the evidence…much of which the media did not broadcast to all you pundits.

Me:  Let’s arm all the black kids in Florida and tell them to stand their ground. And then we’ll see how the “bullshit detector jury”

Him:  I totally agree. Lets arm everyone. The assholes of the world will get sorted out pretty quick.

Me:  not if they’re white. then they’re “victims.”

Him:  Assholes are assholes…it doesn’t matter what color they are…quit being such an apologist.

Me:  No, white assholes are “patriots” while minorities who act like white assholes get jailed or killed.  And I never apologize for white privilege. I just point it out because I know it exists, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Him:  Oh, so it’s ok to beat the crap out of privileged white people, but it’s wrong for privileged white people to defend themselves?

(Here, an Asian friend of mine joined our exchange with one post):  Stand your ground against any and all non-whites! -is the message.

(And then another):  I agree.  Stand Your Ground…only if you’re white.  Otherwise, just keep eating your Skittles and apologize to the white man following you home…sound really repentant when you tell him how sorry you are that he’s following you home.

Him:  You people are blinded by your racism.

Me:  “you people.” Nicely done!  When do you bust out the hood? LOL!  Also, I think you forgot that the “privileged white person” was stalking the boy.

Him:  Try again.  Zimmerman is Mexican…not white…at least get your races correct if you are going to join in the race bating game.

Me:  With a name like Zimmerman, I don’t think he was (solely) Mexican. And gee whiz, didn’t you just talk about privileged white people getting beaten up…who’s not getting their races right in their race baiting?  BTW, I just looked it up…talk about “mexicans” and getting races right…Zimmerman’s mom is Peruvian. His dad is white. Nice of you to ignore or red herring away from that.

Oh, and Peruvian is not Mexican. I know white people think all brown people are Mexicans, but come on. This is totally reinforcing that racist stereotype all the while you’re indicting my Asian friends with that “you people” are racists bullshit…

Him:  Mexican schmexican….they are all the same….my wife and kids are “brown” so I resent your reproach…Peruvian is not a “race” anyway, it’s a nationality.

Me:  You’re one to talk. I believe you posted “Zimmerman is Mexican…get your races correct.”  Your attempts to sustain your losing argument gets softer and softer.

“They are all the same.” Suuuuurreee…you’re not racist. And somehow, according to your “logic,” I am.  Just go ahead and put the hood on already.

Him:  Screw you and your race baiting.  I’m no racist!!!!  A jury heard all the evidence that neither you or the media care to know. You can choose to play the angry minority part, or you can face the reality. Martin was a punk up to no good. It’s unfortunate that he died, but that is the way it goes when you resort to a life on the edge.

Me:  Martin was a punk up to no good? And you were part of the jury who heard this evidence? Hmm…

Him:  Nope. But I trust the jury. They made their decision. It’s a system I live by. I believe in the result.

Me:  Don’t dodge the point. You called him a punk up to no good and someone living on the edge. The jury deemed this? Or is this the reality you want to believe?

Him:  No, I believe the same story the jury heard and decided the case on…instead of buying into the government/media hype/crap.

Me:  So now you know the jury heard the story of him being a punk? Again, were you there?

Circular reasoning, here we come…

Your responses betray you.

Him:  If you had your stupid, liberal, defeatist ways, it would be okay for a black punk kid to beat a white man to death.

Me:  I thought you said Zimmerman was half Mexican…and that doesn’t make him white…

Him:  Whatever.  How’s your beloved, Liberal haven, Detroit doing these days?  That’s what happens on the liberal spending plan.  Eventually you run out of someone else’s money.

Me:  LOL!  I like how you don’t even try to attempt a segue!  Is this you conceding, you racist prick?

Him:  Just answer the question!  Detroit goes bankrupt and Obama is talking about Trayvon Punk Martin instead.  How’s that liberal progressivism working out for Detroit?  And CA, for that matter?

Me:  Ok, first it’s this massive jump from Trayvon and you being a racist to Detroit.  Now you’re tossing CA into the mix too.  Nice logical progression.  I guess in Tea Party voucher schools they don’t teach you about cohesion and transition.

Him:  Fuck you and your academic bullshit.  I make my points and people understand me

Me:  List of Bankruptcy Filings Since January 2010

All Municipal Bankruptcy Filings: 36

City and Locality Bankruptcy Filings (8):

— City of Detroit

— City of San Bernardino, Calif.

— Town of Mammoth Lakes, Calf. (Dismissed)

— City of Stockton, Calif.

— Jefferson County, Ala.

— City of Harrisburg, Pa. (Dismissed)

— City of Central Falls, R.I.

— Boise County, Idaho (Dismissed)

Detroit is being run by a special “emergency manager” who is a conservative nut, who happens to be appointed by their sitting governor, who is also a conservative nut.

All other municipalities on here that haven’t been “dismissed,” are ultra conservative areas.

So tell us all again, please, how that Austerity Conservatism is workin’ out for those cities…

Him:  If Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon.  If Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit.  If Obama had a country, it would look like Cuba.

Me:  LOL!!  You’re a loser.  Can’t even stay on course with your own damn thoughts.  You’re an idiot, a moron.  You, sir, are retarded.  I’m done with you.

Yup.  That was an actual exchange.  I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the rabbit hole that thread turned out to be.  So again, I beg you, stay away from these fools.  Don’t argue with racist, stupid TeapubliCONS; You’ll live longer if you don’t.

Just ask Trayvon.

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