Fox News Continues To Push The Lie That Only Conservatives Were Targeted By The IRS


Fox News Sunday, with the help of Republican Sen. Mike Lee, continued to push the widely disproved lie that only conservatives were targeted by the IRS.


First Wallace tried to revive the scandal during his interview with Treasury Sec. Jack Lew:

WALLACE: So, if this is supposedly behind us. It’s been more two months since he directed you lead the investigation, explain to me how it was that conservative groups were targeted by the IRS.

LEW: Now, look, first of all, Chris, what we found out as we went through to find the facts is that there was equal opportunity and bad judgment. It was conservative groups. It was progressive groups.

WALLACE: At equal numbers or not — grossly disproportionate conservative groups over progressive?


LEW: There aren’t equal number of groups. The bad judgment was equal opportunity.

WALLACE: But not the number of groups.

LEW: No, but it was —

WALLACE: It was over a hundred compared to a dozen.

LEW: You have to look at how many cases of each there were.

Wallace then brought in Tea Party boy toy Sen. Mike Lee to baselessly speculate that the White House was involved:

WALLACE: I want to get your reaction to several things that Secretary Lew said. First, on the IRS targeting of conservative groups, he said, quote, “The problem has been addressed and there is no evidence of any involvement of political appointees.”

Your reaction?

LEE: Well, I think you need to ask some of the people who were affected by this, how they feel about it, whether or not this is, in fact, behind us.

I don’t think this has been investigated to the extent that we know everything there is to know, nor do I think we should give up. Look, we know how this works. We know that when you put this much discretion, and this much discretionary power in the hands of the few, eventually, it may well be abused for partisan political purposes. That happened here and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it.

WALLACE: And he was somewhat evasive on the question of whether or not anybody in the IRS has directly spoken to William Wilkins, the chief counsel of the IRS. Is that a hole in the investigation on whether this problem has been addressed?

LEE: Yes. And this is one of the reasons why his answer itself supplied some of the answer to your question, which is the fact that he was being that evasive, means he either doesn’t know or perhaps got something to hide. Either way, we’ve got to get to the bottom of that. We’ve got to find out who knew what and when they knew it because this is a big problem. There’s a big deficit of trust with this administration, particularly when it comes to the IRS, an agency that was given too much power and that’s about to get more powerful.

Notice how Lee and Wallace skipped over Sec. Lew’s point that progressive groups were also targeted? The graphic on the screen when Lee was on said, “IRS Scandal Conservative Groups Targeted,” which made it seem like only conservative groups were targeted. New documents released by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD)prove that not only were progressive and Occupy groups targeted, but that the IRS intentionally didn’t disclose the targeting of the left to Congress. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) continues to refuses to release the full transcripts of the House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee IRS investigation because they prove him wrong.

Rep. Cummings has also released other documents which prove that President Obama was not involved in the IRS scandal. Facts and documents mean nothing to Sen. Mike Lee. He doesn’t need evidence to know that the Sec. Lew was being “evasive,” which means that he was obviously lying.

The only lies being told here were coming straight from Fox News. Their beloved scandal that was going turn Barack Obama into Richard Nixon has fizzled out of existence.

Fox News is out of touch with reality, and they are spreading their hallucinogenic propaganda to millions of Americans each day.

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