Limbaugh Says GOP Wants New Base and that Obama Likes Scandals

Speaking Tuesday to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, the increasingly unpopular Rush Limbaugh let lose yet another conspiracy theory about Election Day 2012.

Limbaugh’s new explanation for why Mitt Romney lost in 2012 is that the GOP establishment “wants a new base.” It hates the Tea Party and the Tea Party, feeling rejected, stayed home and didn’t vote.

It’s not that the Tea Party’s candidates were creeping voters out, or anything, or that Mitt Romney was just a tad less creepy than the rest of them.

Watch from Fox News:

It is impossible, of course, for the GOP to have lost because of their message, because their message is so great, so there has to be some other reason America rejected them. We’ve seen theory after theory fly out of right wing circles, from voter fraud to the mainstream media stealing the election.

Apparently ignoring the Christian nationalism running rampant at the highest circles of the Republican leadership and a party platform written by religious fanatics, Limbaugh said of Republican leadership that, “They’re not particularly crazy about conservatives.”

Makes you wonder just what in Limbaugh’s mind is conservative. Maybe pulling a Chevy Chase and letting whoever faces Hilary Clinton in 2016 begin the debate by saying, “Hilary, you ignorant slut…”

That’s the kind of low-brow behavior Confederate flag-waving, gun-toting, racist Tea Partiers seem to love, after all.

Unbelievably, Limbaugh think he is badly treated by his own party’s establishment: “I get more grief than the Taliban gets.”

Poor Rush.

We are always told by conservatives that they are the party that embraces personal responsibility. I’ve yet to see any evidence of this and Limbaugh is more a prime example of how to dodge personal responsibility.

It’s more fun being a martyr.

Yet despite all this evasion of personal responsibility, Limbaugh attacked President Barack Obama for supposedly escaping blame for his policies. Makes you wonder what kind of hole Limbaugh is living in, since no president since FDR has taken the heat Obama has taken.

Since Election Day 2008, we have watched Republicans blame Obama for everything George W. Bush did and failed to do, including destroying the economy, the war in Afghanistan and even, incredibly, even the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Obama is the victim of invented scandal after invented scandal but that’s okay because Limbaugh says that Obama likes scandals!

“I’ve never seen a president get away with 4½ years of not being seen as responsible for anything he’s done when everything that’s happened is because of him.”

According to Limbaugh,

“His policies have done great damage to the economy, have done great damage to the American culture, to the American psyche. There is a malaise. There is a sense of hopelessness and depression out there.”

“He never appears to be governing,” Limbaugh said. “That’s why he’s constantly campaigning. Why is there a campaign going on for Obamacare? It’s already the law.”

Disingenuously, Limbaugh ignores the repeated Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare. As the president quipped Tuesday, ’40 meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare isn’t a jobs plan.’

Forty votes. And if Obamacare is something that does not have to be campaigned for by Obama, why are the Republicans threatening to shut down the government over it?

If the president is still “campaigning” for Obmacare, there is a very good reason for it. Limbaugh, to nobody’s surprise, is being dishonest.

Perhaps most laughably at all, Limbaugh claims Obama’s foes are imaginary!

He said that Obama makes it appear as if there are a “mysterious, powerful bunch of forces that are opposing him, and stopping him from creating jobs, and stopping him from giving people proper health care, and stopping him from making their home values go up.”

Nothing so mysterious about them: They are called the United States House of Representatives, a House controlled by the very Republican Party Limbaugh is a part of. The very party Limbaugh is attacking for not being conservative enough.

The Republican Party announced on Day 1 that it would do all in its power to stop the Obama presidency in its tracks and it has done so, and it has bragged about the accomplishment, if it can be called that.

There is nothing remotely imaginary about the forces facing our president. What the GOP has done goes well beyond simple obstruction and Rush Limbaugh knows this as well as anybody. He is a liar and a shill and as venomous as any conservative can be in a world where his comfortable white male privilege is threatened by black presidents and powerful women.

That is the real reason for Limbaugh’s outrage, and it is time he stop blaming the president and his own political party for his problems and character flaws.

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