John Boehner Needs to Do More Than Stand In Front of a Wall with a Hashtag for Jobs

john boehner

On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner (R-OH) accused President Obama of threatening to shut down the government. Yes, the Speaker said today at his presser, “Instead of working together, the president yesterday threatened to shut down the government and recycled some of his old partisan proposals.”

Watch here and try not to laugh thinking about just who is recycling 40 votes to repeal ObamaCare (their own idea):

“Under the president’s leadership our economy continues to struggle with slow economic growth, high unemployment, stagnant wages. And frankly, I think we can do much better.

“Instead of working together, the president yesterday threatened to shut down the government and recycled some of his old partisan proposals. His scheme yesterday would actually require small businesses to pay higher tax rates than big companies. Now the only thing that’s new here is that he wants to take some of that revenue and use it for more of his ‘stimulus’ spending.

“Listen, Republicans are acting on economic growth & job creation. This week, we’ll work on a permanent, market-based rate for student loans. It’s very similar to a bill that we moved here in May. I want to congratulate the Senate for finally getting this bill over to us. We’ll pass bills to stop government abuse. And we’re going to continue to work on real tax reform, both on the personal side and the corporate side, not just to help big companies.

“We’re not just over here making noise, the House Republicans are continuing to take action.”

Boehner is still pretending the Keystone Pipeline (from which he stands to benefit financially) is a JOBS BILL. The Speaker seems to believe that if he stands in front of a press wall with the hashtag #4jobs, people won’t know any better. That explains why he claimed that Republicans aren’t just talking about jobs, they’re taking action.

Boehner’s pressers have become highly uncomfortable to watch as he tries to avoid falling headfirst into the tea quicksand of fail.

The House didn’t manage to do much else other than 40 fake show votes to repeal ObamaCare (aka, free campaign ads for Republicans) during this year’s session. They even failed to live up to their own budget. To avoid discussing these realities, Speaker Boehner has taken to pretending like he’s not in charge.

As cover, Boehner never appears without a prop that has the word JOBS on it, even though his House has not actually tried to do one thing about jobs except block President Obama’s jobs bills. The propaganda efforts are getting desperate for this one; Speaker Boehner #4Jobs is as fictional as the scandals his House invents.

As House Republicans exit stage Right for their “recess”, Americans are wondering where are the jobs, why is sequestration still in place, why can’t Republicans even sit down at the table for budget reconciliation, why did they only manage to pass 4 appropriations bills out of 12, and most of all, why are they even coming back?

Republicans are coming back so that they can hold our economy hostage in order to take healthcare away from the rest of America. They got theirs. What’s your problem? #4Jobs!

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