Obama Tells Republicans To Shove It As He Implements His Agenda Without Them


President Obama is done caring about what congressional Republicans think. The president is meeting with Democrats in order to implement his agenda without them.

According to Politico:

With the clock running on Obama’s time in office — he’s even started marking the number of days left in public speeches — the president is done caring about congressional Republicans calling him a dictator. Or calling him at all.


And he’s used the executive authority tactic before, including last summer’s controversial move to cut deportations for younger illegal immigrants and the mental health focus he announced as part of his gun control agenda after the Newtown massacre.

But administration officials and advisers say what’s ahead will be more extensive and frequent than previous efforts, and the White House is on the hunt for anything that can move without congressional approval, including encouraging efforts like Attorney General Eric Holder’s lawsuits to find new avenues of enforcement in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act last month.

In short, the president is telling Republicans to take their obstruction, shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Nothing enrages obstructionist congressional Republicans more than Obama working around them. The power to obstruct is only power that Republicans have left. John Boehner’s office has already been howling about a presidential power grab on every issue, but this is nothing different from what the Speaker has been saying for more than two years.

Republicans have no one but themselves to blame for their current plight. They could have had a grand bargain on the taxes, the debt, and deficit. They could have worked with the president to modify Obamacare. They could have had a hand in immigration, but each time that the president offered cooperation and compromise, they said no. Republicans have said no so often that President Obama’s only choice is to implement as much of his agenda as possible through executive action.

This course is nothing new for Obama. He did it on immigration. He didn’t need Congress to get rid of DADT. He doesn’t need Congress to implement parts of what he wants to do. It is refreshing to hear that President Obama doesn’t care anymore. The president seems to have realized that his legacy will be judged by what he accomplished, not what his political opponents called him.

Republicans already think that he is an evil socialist dictator sent straight from Kenya. What could they possibly do beyond what they have done in their attempts to wreck his presidency?

The fact that President Obama no longer cares about Republicans means that this president is ready to get things done.

Republicans pushed Obama too far, and in the process they have pushed themselves completely out of relevance.

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