Mitch McConnell Whines That An Invasion of Liberals is Pushing Him Around


Mitch McConnell is desperately trying to save his job, and he is claiming that liberals are invading Kentucky and pushing him around.

McConnell began his speech with an indirect attack on Alison Grimes that included an Anthony Weiner joke. McConnell then pivoted to running against Obama. He said, “The liberals are worried, because just as I predicted Obamacare is a disaster.” He said that liberals are coming down to the state,”to push him around.” He also said that he hand Rand Paul give it to the liberals every single day. McConnell was trying hard to ward off his tea party primary challenger by connecting himself at the hip to Rand Paul.

McConnell said that Kentucky can’t get things done from the back bench, and insinuated that reelecting him would keep Kentucky strong. McConnell attacked Harry Reid by calling him, “A Nevada yes man for Barack Obama.’ McConnell said the choice is between an Obama yes man or a Kentuckian to run the Senate.

Minority Leader McConnell was very impressive. He managed to work in every single stereotype about liberals that one can think of. McConnell used the term nanny state, and was doing his best to paint himself as a true Kentuckian. It is clear that McConnell is worried about his tea party challenger. McConnell hinted in his short remarks that he is going to run an especially vicious and negative campaign.

While sitting on a $15 million campaign war chest, McConnell claimed with a straight face that liberals are coming to Kentucky to push him around. Sen. McConnell will exponentially outspend both his primary opponent, and his general election opponent Alison Grimes. However, facts are no defense for the Republican Party’s paranoia get out the vote effort.

McConnell offered up no agenda, and no ideas. His speech was about gluing himself to Rand Paul, and spreading more fear of the black president. It was fascinating to watch McConnell try to defuse the charge that he has become too Washington by slapping on his heavy Kentucky accent. McConnell is arguing that his incumbency is a good thing, which will be a tough sell to an electorate that is tired of congressional failure.

Mitch McConnell is continuing his campaign of appealing to Republican paranoia and fear. His debut message for 2014 wasn’t terribly strong. Mitch’s main message seems to be that he is so weak that liberals are coming to the state to push him around. Mitch can’t hold off the liberal hordes by himself, so he needs the help of every ‘Merica loving Republican in the state to save his sorry ass. Sen. McConnell’s ominous warning to Republicans was that if he goes down, they’re next.

McConnell didn’t offer to do anything for Kentucky. He sounded like a 70 year old, 30 year incumbent, who say anything to save his job. If the paranoia doesn’t sell, Sen. McConnell is going to have a major problem.

Note: Video will be added as soon as it is available.

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