Rick Perry Goes For 2016 With a Big Speech Where He Forgot What State He Was In


Republican Presidential Hopeful Rick Perry Speaks To The Media In New York City

The more things change the more they stay the same for Rick Perry. While looking to woo conservative bloggers at the RedState conference, Perry talked about being in Florida as he was standing in Louisiana.

According to The Dallas Morning News:

Rick Perry didn’t look like the same politician of two years ago at the RedState conservative blogger conference on Saturday. For one thing, when the Texas governor showed up in New Orleans, he was wearing black horn rimmed glasses that are new to his appearance. For another, he was wearing dress shoes. Two years ago, when he launched his presidential bid with an announcement at a summer RedState gathering, he wore his trademark cowboy boots. But back surgery has made him cut back on the boots.

If Perry looked a little different, some things don’t change – like recalling numbers or geography. Touting Texas, Perry declared, “There are many other states that embrace those conservative values, the approach we’ve taken over the years. I’m in one today – Florida.”

“We’re in Louisiana,” someone shouted.


It is nice to see that Rick Perry hasn’t changed at all since spectacularly flaming out as a presidential candidate in 2011. Perry crashed and burned during a 2011 CNBC debate when he promised to cut three agencies if elected president, and then drew a complete blank on the third agency. A painful minute plus went by with Perry fumbling and stammering. Like the department store Santa tried to help Ralphie in A Christmas Story, not even Ron Paul could coax the third agency out of Perry’s mouth.

As those seconds ticked by, Rick Perry’s national political career ended. Gov. Perry has always had more ambition than intelligence, so it is no surprise that he is once again positioning himself as a 2016 candidate. It is as equally unsurprising that Perry keeps making gaffes like the one in Louisiana. Perry is all bluster and no brains, and while Republicans love them some good bluster, even they have their limits on what they’ll tolerate in terms of lack of intelligence.

Rick Perry for President 2016 is off to the same kind of start that destroyed Perry 2012. The idea of Rick Perry looks good on paper to Republicans, but then Perry talks and ruins the whole thing for them. Perry will try to run for the Republican nomination again, but he has the look of a candidate who may not make it past Iowa. It isn’t that the potential 2016 GOP field is that good. It’s that Rick Perry really is that bad.

He is the Spinal Tap of presidential candidates. Hello, Cleveland. Don’t worry about Rick Perry. From what I hear, he is ready to take his 2016 campaign to 11.

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