Narcissistic Sexual Predator Bob Filner Needs to Resign Immediately


San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) needs to resign immediately. With over a dozen credible accusations of sexual harassment staring him in the face, Filner needs to give up his narcissistic sense of entitlement, and for the good of his constituents step down. He has violated the public trust and shown himself to be nothing more than a creepy sexual predator and a first rate male chauvinist. His misogyny has no place in public office and it is antithetical to the values of the Democratic Party which he is supposed to represent. It is long past time to throw this moral cretin under the proverbial bus and to replace him with a mayor who will not demean women or treat them like servants to his perverse desires.

Filner’s behavior is unacceptable. No matter what his voting record or ideology is, he has no business serving a community in which he has chosen to exploit and demean residents because he found them attractive. His insatiable desire to make out with women without their consent makes him unfit for office. The cause for collective outrage is only heightened by the revelation that Mr. Filner apparently pursued military sexual assault victims in his attempts at sexual conquest. There is nothing quite as consoling to a rape victim as a dirty old man trying to grope her and making sexual advances towards her. Nice sensitivity there, Mr. Mayor.

In our society, there should be no safe haven for sexual predators who think they are entitled to kiss another person, grab their buttocks or ask them to come to work without wearing panties because they occupy a station of political power. Sexual harassment is a serious issue and politicians who engage in it should be removed from office swiftly and decisively. Filner has said he will undergo therapy but he has defiantly refused to resign even in the face of mounting evidence that he is a serial harasser with a very serious problem. His predatory behavior does not warrant him serving another minute in office in any position. If he wants to continue to serve in a public building in San Diego perhaps he is better suited to serve time in the San Diego County jail for multiple cases of sexual assault.

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The war on women is not exclusively being waged by Republicans, but it is also being fought by Democrats like Bob Filner who continue to see women as objects to fulfill male fantasies rather than as equal human beings. The quicker the Democratic Party can move to eradicate chauvinists, misogynist and narcissists from their political ranks, the better it will be for their political future as well as for the future of our country as it hopefully moves closer to becoming a post-sexist society. Bob Filner must go, and maybe he can take Anthony Weiner with him, and help cleanse the party of its incurable sexually deviant narcissists.

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