Fox News Deploys The Scud Dud Sarah Palin to Stop Obamacare


Things have gotten to such a low point in the Republican effort to stop Obamacare that Fox News dug up Sarah Palin to repeat a far from greatest hits collection of her Obamacare lies.

Video from Media Matters:

Palin claimed that Democrats are trying to jump off the ‘Obama train wreck,’ and said, “Of course, there are death panels in there, but the important thing to remember is that is just one aspect of this atrocious, unaffodrable, cumbersome, burdensome, evil policy of Obama’s and that is Obamacare…Well, it’s in black and white in the law in that there will be rationing of healthcare. They couldn’t go forever in not acknowledging that or they would look like complete buffoons, and they would be deemed incompetent having not read the law to understand that death panels are a part this atrocity.”

Sarah Palin also twice claimed that the Democrats, “should not be condoned” for agreeing with her on death panels.

The idea that healthcare will be rationed is based on the lie that Obamacare is a government takeover of healthcare. Republicans like Palin and some well paid Democrats like Howard Dean are back to fearmongering about the IPAB board, but here is what the board really does, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act creates the 15-member Independent Payment Advisory Board to suggest ways to limit Medicare’s spending growth. It can be overruled by Congress. Its appointments will be done in public. It will not make decisions on individual cases. The board can reduce how much the government pays health care providers for services, reduce payments to hospitals with very high rates of readmissions or recommend innovations that cut wasteful spending. It may not raise premiums for Medicare beneficiaries or increase deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments. The IPAB also cannot change who is eligible for Medicare, restrict benefits or make recommendations that would raise revenue.”

What Howard Dean didn’t disclose when he came out against the IPAB board is that he now works as an adviser to a DC lobbying firm on behalf of the healthcare industry. Dean’s employers will see their profits go down if Obamacare is implemented. In short, Howard Dean isn’t to be trusted because he sold out to the healthcare industry.

The Democrats who are jumping on the death panel hysteria are all from red states or districts and are up for reelection next year. This is just another attempt by them to hold on to their seats by looking like Republican lite.

The fact that Fox News has dug up Sarah Palin to repeat her death panel lies four years after they have been debunked illustrates what a sad state of affairs the stop Obamacare movement has fallen into. Palin isn’t a missile of truth to the heart of Obamacare. She is a dud that makes a lot of really loud noises before spinning in circles and crashing into the ocean. Sarah Palin never hits her target, and mostly manages to embarrass herself every time she speaks.

The Alaskan Scud dud and her payload of Obamacare lies has once again failed to launch.

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