Joe Miller is Back – Says Obama is Establishing a Religious Apartheid

To be a Republican in this country and to run for office – and to stay in that office once you have won it (as Indiana’s Dick Lugar and others have discovered) – you have to stand up and make up a bunch of crazy stuff. It doesn’t have to have any relationship to reality.

In fact, it is better that it doesn’t because the target demographic just hates reality. Hates it with a purple passion.

So we have Alaska’s Tea Party senate candidate Joe Miller (as if Alaska didn’t have enough problems with Sarah Palin threatening to run) claiming at the FAMiLY leadership summit on August 10, that President Barack Obama is “engaged in a form of systematic spiritual and religious apartheid.”

I imagine he means that apartheid where a Christian judge can declare a baby’s name “Unchristian” and rename the baby “Martin” because it’s an acceptable name in a “Christian country.” The baby’s name had been “Messiah” and the judge objected, saying,

“The word Messiah is a title and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person and that one person is Jesus Christ.”

The judge is an illiterate. Messianism is not unique to Judaism and Christianity. There have been many messiahs or would-be messiahs throughout all history and in many cultures.

Makes me want to run out and change my name to “Messiah” today.

Or perhaps Miller means the apartheid that allows the United States Marine Corps to administer unconstitutional religious tests, that, as the Military and Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) complains, lists “Lack or loss of spiritual faith” as a “Guidance/moral compass issue” on page 13 of Training and Education Command (TECOM) Order 5100.1.

Mikey Weinstein, in his letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James F. Amos, wrote:

This document has the expressed purpose of establishing Force Preservation policies with the venerable goal of preventing suicide or other harmful behavior by U.S. Marines. However, it totally fails to pass any scintilla of permissible Constitutional muster when asserting by act of policy, which is effectively law, that those marines who simply lack spiritual faith should be considered at higher risk than those with spiritual faith.

Or perhaps Miller is talking about the apartheid where folks in Murfreesboro can take legal action to ask a mosque they don’t like be seized by the government, or the one in Houston where a mall by a mosque put up signs that read, “No MUSLIM parking in Westview Shopping Center.”

The mall’s owner (who declined to accept responsibility) said he didn’t like people using the mall parking lot who weren’t patrons. You can bet your bottom dollar no such sign has ever come up as a result of nearby church services.

That’s some apartheid President Obama has established. He came into office and not only did he not do the right thing and eliminate President Bush’s “Faith Based Initiatives” but he strengthened them. And things like this are taking place on his watch.

The only apartheid threatening America is, quite obviously, that promoted by Joe Miller’s type of conservative Christian – Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Dominionists, and others – who want to impose a theocracy on this country in violation of the United States Constitution. The people Miller claims are the victims of apartheid are, in fact, its instigators.

Now you might remember Joe Miller as the whack-job who lost to a quite sane Lisa Murkowski last time he ran for senate. After that, he got a job with the Western Representation PAC as chairman. This group backed another whack-job, Sharron Angle. You remember her, the kindly old rape-lemonade lady from down the street. She’s also the one who said, “Government isn’t what our founding fathers put into the Constitution.”

Right. Because the document that established our government was not about establishing government.

Examples of Republican-Christian apartheid are too numerous to list here in any detail. That would require a book, though there are plenty of examples in our Dirty Thirty and Proof of the GOP War on Women sections.

The objections to contraception, abortion, sodomy, evolution, and marriage equality, are all religion-based and living proof of a Christian-supported apartheid in this country, one that is already in existence both on a state and federal level.

Suffice it to say the Bible itself, the book Talibangelicals want everybody to read, is the product of religious apartheid and Talibangelicals like Joe Miller would be perfectly happy to re-impose that apartheid here, all the while screaming that they are the victims of persecution.

Yes, Joe, we are persecuting you. We had the audacity to say “no” and recommend you get treatment. Now run along and do that while we adults try to minister to the country and unravel the mess the current crop of religious lunatics have gotten us into.

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