Republicans Want To Impeach Obama For the Crime of Being President While Black


When a topic excessively preoccupies a person’s mind, or they have a fanatical and neurotic concern with something they are obsessed, and if the condition is left untreated the afflicted person can become dangerous to themselves and those around them. An obsession can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but as the severity of fixation increases, the affliction may be identified as a psychosis and require psychiatric and pharmacological intervention. However, when an ideologically-driven segment of the population is fixated on one topic, the ensuing mass hysteria is untreatable and represents a threat to a society. For over four years, all manner of conservatives including libertarians, Republicans, and teabaggers have been obsessed with one topic and they have spent every waking minute preoccupied with how to turn back time and pretend Barack Obama was never elected as President of the United States.

It is unclear if the conservative obsession with the President is borne of their belief that a certain race shares attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable and inferior, or if they just cannot accept that the majority of Americans chose an African American man to lead the Executive Branch of government, whatever their dysfunction’s cause they are a danger to the nation and its people. The danger, of course, is that Republicans’ obsession has made governing this country nearly impossible that in 2011 alone cost a million jobs, over $19 billion, and a credit downgrade according to rating agency S&P, and yet Republicans and their supporters remain fixated on the President and anything connected to his administration.

Over the weekend a Texas Republican, Rep. Blake Farenthold, told constituents that Republicans have enough votes in the House to impeach President Obama in response to a birthers’ question. It is another indicator that Republicans and their dysfunctional supporters consider an African American as President an affront to their racist sensibilities that drives their obsession with nullifying the results of two elections. The reason Republicans have not impeached the President is they have absolutely nothing to indict him for and they know it. For the record, being twice-elected is not an impeachable offense, and being Black while President does not qualify as high crimes and misdemeanors regardless assertions by conspiracy theorists (birthers).

Republicans have gone to great lengths to portray the President as a failure, but saving the economy, creating millions of jobs, killing terrorists, and promoting the Constitution’s guarantee of equal rights do not qualify as failures or the President would not have won re-election. Republicans are so obsessed with erasing the Presidency of Barack Obama that last year a certifiable racist, Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) proposed introducing a bill that would repeal everything the President had signed into law during his first term. King is a lunatic, but his idea of repealing every law President Obama signed is a widely-held goal of Republicans from the lowliest teabagger fanatic to GOP leadership. Remember, just three weeks ago Speaker of the House John Boehner said Republicans would be judged by the laws they repealed and not those they enacted. Boehner is right about one thing; Republicans will be judged by their futile efforts to repeal laws the President signed for the waste of taxpayer dollars and time spent that earned the 112th Congress the distinction of most dysfunctional Congress in history, and the 113th session is shaping up to be even worse regarding GOP obstruction and inability to govern inherent in conservatives suffering Obama-obsession syndrome.

Whether it is the Affordable Care Act, financial reform, ending DADT, or environmental regulations, Republicans have sought some means of wiping the laws the President signed from the record books. When they aren’t attempting to repeal laws, they spend every waking minute obstructing legislation the President supports including normally bipartisan measures like the Violence Against Women Act, farm bill, transportation bill, and raising the debt limit without offsetting cuts to domestic programs Republicans routinely support.

Republican obsession is so overwhelming that they oppose long-standing conservative policies such as the President’s recent corporate tax reform proposal with very generous corporate tax cuts. They also conflicted with the President on gun safety measures they agreed were reasonable and that their man-god Ronald Reagan supported. Where the President wanted, and many Republicans supported, simple background checks for future weapons purchases, Republicans opposed them as an attack on the Constitution because the Black President supported them. It is interesting that their oft-cited paragon of conservatism, Ronal Reagan, backed a ban on assault weapons, and yet simple background checks became an attack on the 2nd amendment and incited calls for civil war and impeaching the President for “shredding the Constitution.” The persistent claims this President in any way violates the Constitution is Republicans projecting their actions on the President.

There is a concerted Republican effort to shred the Constitution and it is a subject Democrats are remiss to cite but bears repeating. Every Republican attempt to ban abortion, deny gays equal rights, assault women’s right to choose their own reproductive health, and insert religious dogma into public schools is a violation of the 1st Amendment’s Separation Clause. Republican supporters, libertarians, and teabaggers are wont to claim the President violates the Constitution as a matter of course, and yet they have not offered one shred of proof or instance and no; the Affordable Care Act is not a violation of the Constitution any more than the minimum wage, child labor laws, or expecting elected representatives to do their jobs is regardless what Republicans contend.

Republicans and their iterations (libertarians, teabaggers) may think their obsession with impeaching, delegitimizing, or thwarting Barack Obama is hurting him and his Presidency, but their real victims are the people; all the people. Whether or not any American supported this President the Republican obstruction, futile repeal attempts, and efforts to defund the government creates distress for the people and not Barack Obama. If Republicans truly believe they have a legitimate reason to indict the President, they should offer them up and proceed to trial in the Senate. However, they know there is nothing whatsoever that remotely resembles high crimes and misdemeanors or violations of the Constitution under the President’s leadership. Republicans are guilty of violating their oath of office, Constitutional mandate in Article 1 Section 8, and especially legislating from the Christian bible should lead to calls for removing them from elected office.

This neurosis and exceptional preoccupation Republicans have with the President has already borne drastic consequences for the people and the nation, and history will not be kind to them for their four-year and counting obsession to obstruct the President. Regardless it is threats of impeachment, obstruction, attempts to repeal every law President Obama signed, or shutting down the government and defaulting on the nation’s debt obligations, the GOP’s fixation with damaging an African American President has only hurt the nation and its people. Republicans are so blinded by their extreme preoccupation with damaging President Obama that they are oblivious to the rising criticism from long-time conservatives, senior citizens, and formerly dyed-in-the-wool Republicans who are beginning to equate their obsession with what it really is; extremism and racial animus.

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