Iowa County Co-Chair Quits Party Because the GOP Has, ‘Declared War on Common Sense’


On the same day that seven Republican Party officials quit in Maine, an Iowa county co-chair quit because Republicans have, “declared war on science and common sense.”

Polk County (Iowa) GOP co-chair Chad Brown wrote about his disappointment with the party in his resignation letter, “Having spoken with a pastor and having prayed about this for hours, I came to the conclusion that this is my only recourse. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party at the National level. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party at the Statewide level. I’m disappointed with the Republican Party at the Countywide level. I find it increasingly difficult to defend issues and statements made by Party leaders and officials from all three levels.”

Brown expanded on his reasons for quitting the Republican Party in an interview with The Des Moines Register:

Brown said in a phone interview that he became disgusted by a party he believes is being run by the Christian right and the National Rifle Association. He cited Congressman Steve King’s recent, controversial comments on illegal immigrants as an example of his philosophical conflict with the party.

“No one’s really stood out to really fight him on those. I think they’re hateful statements,” he said. King made national news with his comment that illegal immigrants were more likely to be drug traffickers “with calves the size of cantaloupes” than valedictorians.

Brown said he also believes the party “has declared war on science and common sense,” by denying global climate change. He said he also was offended by statements from some party leaders that he felt glorified gun violence.

The seven party officials who quit in Maine left the GOP because it wasn’t conservative enough for them. Brown had the complete opposite problem. He thinks that the Republican Party has moved too far to the right. The fact that officials can quit the same party on the same day for completely opposite reasons is indicative of an organization with no identity.

However, Brown’s criticism of his former party is more based in the reality of the times. The fact is that the Republican Party has declared war on common sense, and any Republican who is unable to suspend the ability to use their common sense will find the GOP intolerable.

What Mr. Brown confirmed on his way out the door is that in order to be a Republican today, one has to leave their brain at the door. Anyone who uses common sense to come to the conclusion that maybe hating minorities isn’t the best way to win future elections has no place in this Republican Party.

Immigration, climate change, healthcare, the economy, and women’s rights all areas where Republicans are fighting against science and/or common sense.

If Republicans win their war on common sense, the only thing that will be certain is the future loss of many elections.

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