Republican Heads Explode as GOP Strategist Endorses Democrat Terry McAuliffe

terry mcauliffe

Imagine a Republican who has advised Virginia Republicans for over 30 years saying, “Terry is the clear choice for mainstream conservatives.” Those words came from Boyd Marcus in a statement released Tuesday. Cue the Republican heads exploding.

Boyd Marcus, who is a prominent Republican strategist currently serving as an adviser to Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) of Virginia, endorsed Democrat Terry McAuliffe for the Virginia gubernatorial election over scandal-adjacent extremist and national joke state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R).

Mr. Marcus will be advising McAuliffe for the remainder of the election. In a statement released by the McAuliffe campaign, Boyd Marcus said:

“I’ve never before supported any Democrat, but this election Terry is the clear choice for mainstream conservatives. I am excited to work with him to grow the already-long list of prominent Republican leaders who are supporting his campaign. Virginia is facing tremendous economic headwinds and we need a governor who is going to work with both parties.”

The Richmond Times Dispatch noted that Boyd is not alone. Other Republicans backing the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, “include former Northern Virginia legislators John Chichester, Vincent F. Callahan, Jim Dillard and Russ Potts.”

Boyd has a long record of serving Republicans, including serving as Eric Cantor’s Chief-of-Staff.

When Southern Republicans have to go the Democrat for a “mainstream” fiscal conservative, you know there’s trouble in the GOP. Cuccinelli was warned by Republican donors to put a sock in the extremism, but he was too busy accusing Planned Parenthood of being racists to listen. He also insisted on sharing his fear of oral sex with the world. The business community called him out on his failure to be mainstream, as Republican women fled his ticket. Now this.

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