Enraged Conservatives Resolve to Rename ObamaCare ‘BoehnerCare’

john boehner

Holy jumped the sanity shark…

Conservatives are so mad at “pathetic” John Boehner (R-OH) for “caving” over their latest economic terrorism plot to shut down the government that they are resolving to punish the Speaker by renaming Obamacare ‘Boehnercare’.

From Breitbart:

On his nationally syndicated radio program on Thursday evening, conservative talker Mark Levin said that if House Speaker John Boehner follows through with a plan to fund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government, Obamacare will become forever known as “BoehnerCare.”

“Rather than calling it Obamacare, we should call it BoehnerCare,” Levin said. “So I think I’m going to call it BoehnerCare if I can remember from time to time, certainly more often, because Boehner won’t even fight. Boehner, he’s just–is the word ‘pathetic’ appropriate?”

Why so mad?

Because you see, Boehner is going to attempt to fund the government with a short-term continuing resolution (CR). Bad John!! Bad Speaker, trying to cover for the fact that the House refuses to sit down with the Senate for budget reconciliation. But the real shame for the Speaker comes because with this short term resolution comes funding of the law.

Obamacare is the law.


And to whom does Boehner owe everything? If you joined politics in 2010, you’d know the answer is clearly the Tea Party.

“You’re Speaker of the House, who we put there in 2010 with that election,” Levin said. “Just elect more Republicans, you see, that’ll fix it! More Republicans like him? Oh, it’ll fix it. It’ll screw us once and for all. As I’ve said so many times, what the hell does the Republican Party stand for today? I know what the Democrat Party stands for, I really do: totalitarianism, ultimately. But what does the Republican Party stand for? Appeasement. So I call them the French Republicans. Appeasement.”

Levin ended this tirade against the ‘French Republicans’ by accusing main appeaser John Boehner of supporting ObamaCare. “(N)ot only are we surrendering, we are not going to support a vote to stand up to Obamacare… So it’s BoehnerCare. And we should start repeating it: BoehnerCare, BoehnerCare.”

Stop screwing us or we’ll stand in the corner with our tongues out and call you names, meaniepants Speaker! We’ll blame you for caring about whether or not our patriots can get healthcare when they need it. That will fix you.

Every hour brings a new fresh hell for the Republican Party. If it’s not their members, it’s their base. If it’s not the base, it’s their pundits. If it’s not the pundits, it’s their post policy nihilism and the dried up desert of dead Republican ideas.

Conservatives really, really want John Boehner to do the conservative thing by using the debt ceiling to hold ObamaCare hostage for a fiscally responsible price tag of 18.9 billion dollars.

So what if the economy plunges into a total nightmare? They want everyone to know how they feel and if no one will listen, well that’s just not fair and you’re all going to pay.

See, this whole democracy thing only works if conservatives always get their way.

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