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Not O-KKK: How The Events in Decatur and Duncan Showcased Fox News’ Overt Racism


Oh, what a glorious week for our friends at Fox News.


With the events of the past week, Americans need to finally realize that Fox News has officially jumped the shark in its everlasting quest to be “fair and balanced” and has moved into a realm of opinions and talking points that officially echo those of David Duke and modern-day KKK members.  As the nation moves toward a majority minority population in roughly forty years, Fox News continues to present its news in a manner that clearly showcases its inherent disdain for any person that doesn’t need sunscreen in the summer to acquire a healthy tan.  This past week has been especially gruesome for Fox News and has showcased the network’s true colors.  Or, color, we should say.


The network made an across-the-board decision to portray the Christopher Lane murder in Duncan, Oklahoma as racially motivated despite the fact that one of the murders happened to be White.  Everyone’s favorite racist, Pat Buchanan, who maintains a high-profile job at the network despite his known bigotry, chimed in on the story and remarked that the cause of the violence was clearly the rap, hip-hop, and violent movies that are prevalent in the Black community.  The Fox and Friends morning team wondered why Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton hadn’t responded to the murder as if they only came out and defended African American victims and not White (albeit foreign) ones.  Fox News even had White House correspondent Ed Henry ask about the Lane’s murder “apparently by three African-American young men”.


Apparently, Ed doesn’t need “facts” to convey the Fox News narrative.


Roughly nine-hundred and thirty miles east, another event unfolded last week that gave fodder to the Fox News team.  Michael Brandon Hill, a twenty-year-old male came into the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur with a loaded AK-47, causing the entire school to be evacuated.  Hill shot into the floor and exchanged gunfire with officers who had surrounded the school before he eventually turned himself in.  Photographs released from the scene showed students from the diverse student body all outside and scared for their lives.  It was a scene that definitely left chills for anyone who was there to experience it.


And yet, Fox News had slightly different coverage for this event.


Pat Buchanan did not come on to talk about any issues or statistics of White on Black violence.  The Fox and Friends morning team did not clamor for any well-known White civil rights protectors to come down to Decatur and defend Hill.  Ed Henry did not raise the issue to the White House press secretary team.  Fox News was suspiciously silent on the issue of gun access and mental health for some odd reason.  And yet, they still had an out.  There was brave Antoinette Tuff, the bookkeeper who ended up intervening and kept Hill calm while on the phone with a 911 operator.  Here she was, a woman of faith, in the deeply red state of Georgia.  Of course Fox News would portray her and share her heroic story to the world.  And yet, they didn’t.


Because Antoinette Tuff is Black.


You see, the Duncan and Decatur stories don’t fit the Fox News narrative that all Black people are scary and evil while all White people are harmless and good.  This is the narrative that controls their programming.  It’s the narrative that appeals to the Fox News viewer who averages sixty-five years of age.  The viewer who explicitly believes it truly is an us versus them world out there and that they (read:   White people) and their way of life are constantly under attack.  It’s the same narrative the NRA uses when it sells guns.  Does Wayne LaPierre realize what stopped a bad man with a gun in Georgia?  It was a good person with a kind heart telling this troubled young man that she cared about him.  It wasn’t a person with an AK-47 behind her library desk.


The problem is that each and every story like this showcases Fox News for what they truly are:  racist and bigoted.  You can only craft a narrative for so long before you start to believe it.  Whether it’s Oprah’s “made up” story of being racially profiled in Switzerland or Trayvon Martin’s “thuggish” appearance, Fox News has intentionally portrayed those people of color as being inherently inferior to the White race.  They might not be burning crosses on lawns, but what Fox News is doing is essentially much worse.  It’s denigrating an entire segment of the population in order to score cheap political points.


Fox News will only get worse with its racist, bigoted coverage of race-related events.  It will continue to coverage news in this way to continue to feed into the fears of its old, White, and mostly male audience who still believe that some of the “darkies” can be scary and shouldn’t be integrating with us White folk.  This pattern will continue unless Americans begin to call out Fox News and finally call a spade a spade.


Fox News is a White supremacy network.












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