Ed Schultz Roars Back to Weekdays and Obliterates Republican Obamacare Lies


On his very first show back on weekdays, Ed Schultz brought the fire back to MSNBC by tearing apart the Republicans’ anti-Obamacare summer tour of lies.

Here is the video of Schultz taking down the GOP’s Obamacare lies:

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Schultz explained that the Republicans movement to kill Obamacare is really all about power:

Now, this summer, we’ve heard a lot of lies. Here’s what you need to know about Obamacare and nothing more to simplify all of this. The linchpin in this is that the Republicans want to give the power to the insurance companies. They want the insurance companies to control your life. They want the insurance companies to send you those letters and pick up the phone and call you and deny you because you might be sick. Think about that. this is who the Republicans want to give the power to.

President Obama wants to give the power to you. The consumer. The sick consumer who will never be denied. You can hear everything you want about losing jobs, about what kind of care you’re going to getting and how long the lines are going to be, and the lot. Here’s all you need to know. It’s when all these real live stores come home to roost to these guys a year from now, they’ll realize how much trouble they’re in in the midterms. How will Republicans run against a popular program that they have been so vehemently against? That they have lied about, and the public’s going to know about it. You see, there are people out there right now that it’s helping.

For Republicans, killing Obamacare is about taking power away from individuals and giving it back to powerful corporations. The goal of the Republican Obamacare misinformation campaign is to get the American people to beg for the the insurance companies to jack up rates and determine whether you live or die based on what is good for their bottom line.

Ed Schultz has been missed on weekdays by MSNBC viewers because he is the only host on cable news who believes in the empowerment of the poor, blue collar, and middle class America.

He doesn’t intellectually think about the theoretical outcomes of power like Chris Hayes. He doesn’t dive into the political science aspects of the applications of power like Rachel Maddow. He doesn’t get excited by the politics of power like congressional veterans Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell. The closest thing to Ed Schultz on the MSNBC evening lineup is Al Sharpton, but Rev. Al is more interested in empowerment through civic activism than the mobilization of political power.

Ed Schultz gives a platform to the segment of the left that MSNBC boss Phil Griffin tried to bury when he moved Chris Hayes into 8 PM. Griffin willfully snubbed a big section of his audience, and has paid for it by watching MSNBC’s ratings slide into the dumpster.

The Ed Show gives a voice to liberals and Obama supporters, and if the ratings are what I think they will be, no one should be surprised if Ed Schultz soon finds his way back to 8 PM.

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