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John Boehner Claims He Is Saving America by Destroying It

Politicians are wont to talk about things that exist in thought or ideas because they have no physical or concrete existence, and speaking about things in abstract allows them to delineate them from the people they effect. Concepts like freedom, law, policy, economics, and even religion are simply abstract ideas that can be beneficial or detrimental to human beings’ lives depending on how they are applied regardless they have no physical or concrete existence. Republicans are notorious for their buzzwords and catch-phrases to manipulate their sad ignorant supporters, but it is indisputable that they never speak to or about the people their abstractions effect. In fact, Republicans never speak about people at all much less in conjunction with their abstract concepts and it is likely because if they did their supporters would realize that each and every idea they have is deleterious to Americans.

Over the past few years Republicans used the concept of deficit and debt (accounting terms) to slash programs that have caused a great deal of harm to the American people and likely they will use them again in the coming months. Republicans have brought governance to a near-standstill over abstract concepts such as sanctity of life, scandals, 2nd amendment rights, sequester, religious liberty, and even “Obamacare” that have no physical or concrete existence even though Republicans refer to them as if they have physical properties of destruction or salvation depending on their application. Even though Republicans parrot abstractions ad nauseum, they have never ever spoken about the effects they have on people because it would inform their cruel and inhuman treatment of Americans they were elected to serve.

Over the past week, Republicans talked about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, as if it is a real thing they claim is “something we believe will destroy the country,” and the sequester that John Boehner claims is a success and will save the country. However, they cannot bring themselves to talk about the benefits this thing (Obamacare) affords tens-of-millions of Americans, or the damage their beloved sequester is wreaking on the people because their minions would learn their only goal is hurting Americans if they kill Obamacare or keep the sequester in place for the next nine years. One thing Republicans have not said is how healthcare insurance reform (Obamacare) is going to destroy the country, or how indiscriminate cuts to food, housing, and education will save the country. If they say either one affects the nation’s debt, or deficit, even those are accounting terms with no physical existence. However, the people that are denied healthcare, food, and housing assistance do have physical existence and Republicans love harming the American people.

Republicans cannot talk about their intent for eliminating Obamacare or the sequester in human terms because they are cruel, barbaric, and lack human qualities of compassion and mercy. No Republican can tell any American how providing access to healthcare insurance for 30-million people or ending pre-existing conditions will destroy this country any more than the health law reducing the deficit and creating jobs will, but it doesn’t stop them from parroting the apocalyptic warning that “Obamacare will destroy the country.” John Boehner boasts about the sequester saving America but he cannot and will not explain how withholding food from seniors and children will preserve this country for even one day. Regardless, Republicans promote their inhumane policies in abstract terms primarily because their supporters are ignorant and as cruel and inhumane as Republicans and it explains their staunch support for legislation that is damaging Americans whether it is in Congress or red-state legislatures.

It is unclear why, or when, a segment of the population became enamored with physical and mental cruelty Republicans are bound and determined to impose on half the population. It is true that Republicans were successful convincing their supporters that abstract concepts like the Affordable Care Act will destroy America, but now that the health law’s benefits are manifest, teabaggers are as opposed to its benefits as they were in 2010 and it cannot be solely because of their racial animus toward President Obama. The sequester and food stamp cuts are taking food out of the mouths of working-poor Republican supporters and yet they are as opposed to repealing the sequester’s indiscriminate cuts as their representatives in  Congress. As hard as it is to admit, a large segment of Americans are just inhumane by nature and it extends to every policy Republicans and their supporters champion and it has nothing to do with saving America and everything to do with hurting Americans.

Republicans laid waste to Americans immediately after taking control of the House in 2011 and they used misleading buzzwords to garner support from disgruntled Americans unable to comport a majority elected an African America President. Even though they used abstract concepts such as religious freedom, sanctity of life, and budget deficit, their intent was always the same; impose cruel and inhuman punishment on other Americans. John  Boehner may have been the only Republican to openly admit the GOP’s resolve was punishing the people when he cavalierly said “so be it” at news Republican’s budget would kill 1.1 million jobs, and if GOP supporters possessed an ounce of humanity they would have railed on Republicans but they clamored for more. Unfortunately, they are still clamoring for more and they are willing to shut down the government and create a credit default to prove it.

There was a time in America that the people had a semblance of compassion for their fellow citizens, and one hopes the majority of Americans are appalled  at the level of inhumanity typical of Republicans and their supporters. According to a poll, 42% of Americans self-identify as  Republicans, and it implies that over 4 out of 10 Americans support the GOP’s cruel and inhumane treatment of other Americans. It is  true that many Republican supporters fall victim to the GOP’s fear-mongering and claims that the Affordable  Care Act will destroy America, but it does not explain the number of conservative Christians who support policies that cut food stamps, meals on wheels, or school lunch programs that likely affect their Christian brothers and sisters in poverty-ridden red states.

If nothing else, one wonders why GOP and teabag supporters never ask their politicians why they fail to boast their policies’ benefits to the people, or even mention the people at all, but it is possible their racial animus toward the President is too overwhelming, and that is a tragedy. However, Republicans know their supporters are prone to believe simple concepts like “Obamacare will destroy this country” or the “sequester will save America” and rally behind abstract ideas like religious freedom, sanctity of life, and 2nd amendment rights for the sole purpose of perpetuating Republican cruel and inhumane treatment of Americans.

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