In A Rare Lucid Moment Fox News Tells Republicans to Forget Benghazi


On Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams shot down the Republican attempt to revive the Benghazi scandal by telling them that it is all in their heads.

Video via Think Progress:

Brit Hume did his part to revive the Benghazi scandal, “Think of the. go around this table now. Think of the list of questions that remain unanswered until this day would make this still a legitimate conversation, and meanwhile, I’m sorry to say that this is simply not over.” Juan Williams replied, “It’s gone, baby. It’s in your head. That’s about the only place.” This resulted in much laughter from the Fox News Sunday panel, and a hearty see you next week from host Chris Wallace.

That wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of the Benghazi revival that is currently being championed by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Even Brit Hume’s semi-comatose reciting of the Benghazi talking points didn’t look like an attempt to inspire the Fox News viewing troops with a fresh round of Benghazi conspiracy. It looks like Fox News has their marching orders to revive Benghazi, but they sure are going about it in the most halfhearted manner possible. Williams was right. Benghazi is dead, buried, and gone.

The fact that desperate Republicans are trying to use the real atrocities being committed in Syria in order to push their completely baseless Obama conspiracy theory is an obvious path to failure. The Benghazi conspiracy didn’t catch on despite Darrell Issa’s numerous hearings in the House. It didn’t catch on during the 2012 presidential campaign. Even after nearly a year of daily Benghazi babble on Fox News and talk radio, it still hasn’t caught on with broader American public.

Benghazi is a bizarre Republican fetish that the rest of the country doesn’t indulge in. When Fox News wants to push something, they gave it prime real estate. They don’t stick it at the end of the show, and let Juan Williams have the last word.

Fox News will dutifully carry the GOP’s water on Benghazi this week, but even they seem to know that this is a dud strategy that is destined to fail.

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