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Deluded Conservatives Run with Poll That Shows Only 23% Want to Destroy ObamaCare

While ObamaCare remains unpopular with the public (due in immeasurable part to the relentless Republican fearmongering about it), a new national survey by the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY showed that of the 53% who disapprove of it, only 23% want their lawmakers to do what they can to make it fail.

The 53% of the public who disapprove of the law are divided over what they would like elected officials who oppose the law to do now that the law has begun to take effect. About half of disapprovers (27% of the public overall) say these lawmakers “should do what they can to make the law work as well as possible,” but nearly as many (23% of the public) say these officials “should do what they can to make the law fail.”

This is the poll that conservatives are running with today. The conservative National Review ran with the results of the poll, claiming that the public trusts Republicans more on healthcare now.

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Well, yes, people don’t understand the healthcare reform law, and gosh, efforts made by the administration to inform the people have been blocked outrageously by Republicans. Republicans even threatened pro sports teams not to help explain the law or else.

The Weekly Standard has this sorted out – stop blaming Republicans for ObamaCare’s lack of popularity! It’s not as if relentless lies about Death Panels, socialism, Communism, Hitler, Big Government, and the evil, gun-stealing Kenyan could have had anything to do with the public not trusting ObamaCare. Oh, gosh, no.

Yes, they want you to believe that Republicans put all of that effort into smearing ObamaCare because it is not an effective use of their resources. Smearing something in public relentlessly results in the general public cutting things in half in their effort to make sense of it.

So, what we have is half of a death panel, instead of a law that is keeping corporate greed a bit at bay by keeping insurance companies from denying preexisting conditions. Insurance companies used to play Doctor, overriding medical calls based on how it impacted their bottomline. This is what Republicans said ObamaCare would do – but in reality, corporate insurance companies were already doing it.

In Florida, Republicans are obstructing the explanation of the law, banning counselors trained to help sign people up for health insurance.

While people don’t know the details about ObamaCare, they know there’s a lot of contention around the law and they don’t understand the benefits yet. A Kentucky man signing up for the exchanges expressed his hope that what he was signing up for was better than ObamaCare. Of course, it was ObamaCare.

In Kentucky, they are dealing with this by explaining it very simply:

We are Kynect — part of the new health care law.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have health insurance?

You may qualify for Medicaid or a tax credit based on your income.

However, it’s inaccurate and deluded for Republicans to believe that this level of confusion can be maintained as the benefits kick in.

Republicans should pay heed, “(J)ust 31% of Republicans and Republican leaners who do not agree with the Tea Party favor this approach (making the law fail).”

So, unless they only want the votes of partisan Tea Partiers, some of whom are signing up for ObamaCare right now and don’t know it, Republicans who waste legislative time trying to make healthcare for millions of Americans fail are beyond short-sighted and ignorant. Republicans have no alternative to ObamaCare, seeing as it was based on a Republican idea that they have demonized as the anti-christ (we all know Christ would have hated poor people getting medical help over the rich making more of a profit).

This is the exact same Republican propensity for delusion we saw during 2012, when the media helped Republicans live in their bubble world with jacked up polls and a refusal to face reality.

No matter how confused people are right now, Republicans would be wise to remember that most of the benefits haven’t kicked in yet, though many Americans already got refund checks from private insurance companies and some preventative care is now co-pay free.

The confused Tea Party loves their Medicare. And one day, they’ll love their ObamaCare, too.

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