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Republicans Hit a New Low By Making Obama’s Syria Success About Race

There are occasions when it is prudent to use subtle differences in meaning and expression to conceal one’s true beliefs about an individual, but when every expression is negative and critical it becomes evident that nuance is cover for hate. Specifically, the state of paranoia driving people on the right and left to stop thinking and acting rationally because they oppose President Obama for his policies, approach to governing, or even existing is “Obama derangement syndrome,” but it is time to dispense with bovine excrement and call it what it is; racial hatred.

The idea that an African-American man can do anything, let alone govern America, of his own accord and without following explicit directions and examples of failed white men are at the core of criticism and opposition to everything this President does. It would unrealistic to expect Republicans to embrace and support every policy and approach to governing a Democratic President proposed, but the level of opposition, obstruction, and deliberate sabotage Republicans relentlessly engaged in to the extent they damage America and harm the people throughout the President’s tenure is unprecedented. The extent of Republican’s racial hatred became evident early in the President’s first term when they vehemently opposed long-standing Republican policies just because President Obama supported them, and any human being with an IQ over 45 got the message; they hate this President because he is not white.

The latest Republican outrage is the President’s success at using the threat of military force coupled with diplomacy to “encourage” Syria to give up their substantial chemical weapons arsenal. Warmongers are livid with the President for not engaging in all-out war with Syria and subsequently Iran, and their conservative cohort are furious the international community, especially Russia, had a hand in brokering a deal where Syria would avoid an American military assault if they gave up their chemical weapons. Likely what they are really angry about is the Black man in the Oval Office achieved a long-standing American, Middle East, and international goal without wasting one life or dollar of taxpayer money; an achievement no white President has ever achieved. That the international community is involved and praising the African American President’s “rational thinking” contributes to the conservatives’ indignation and anger. However despicable the right’s hatred of this twice-elected President is, it pales in comparison to the sheer hatred emanating from the far left.

Emoprogs, or “emotarians” (so named for emoprogs newfound allegiance with libertarian racists) led by their de facto leader Glenn Greenwald jumped on the Obama-hate bandwagon early in the President’s first term because the Constitution denied him power to order Congress to impose a public option for health insurance. As Ezra Klein elucidated, one conservative Democrat opposed to a public option would have prevented any healthcare reform from getting out of committee and 30-million Americans would still be dreaming of the day they would have access to affordable healthcare insurance. The professional left could not comport a President bound to follow the Constitution and began a crusade against President Obama including blaming him for imprisoning and torturing Bradley Manning who confessed and was convicted of multiple crimes including violations of the Espionage Act and disseminating classified documents.

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The Emoprog hero, Greenwald found a new crusade against the President when traitor Edward Snowden stole and passed on national security data and then ran into the loving arms of anti-gay crusader Vladimir Putin. Greenwald united his minions with racist libertarians Rand and Ron Paul to assail this President for George W. Bush’s Patriot Act and all manner of imagined slights with no basis in reality or rational thought, and recently hailed anti-American hate group Oathkeepers for their support for traitor and fugitive from justice Snowden.  It takes a unique level of hate for Americans, particularly on the left, to align with the antithesis of what America stands for, but racist hate knows no bounds. For the uninformed, Oathkeepers are an anti-government militant organization the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled a militant hate group. Oathkeepers promoted a conference boasting “If you’re concerned about the peril facing our American heritage (white race), and the importance of preparing for an uncertain future (civil war) then there will only be one place to be.”

Without doubt there is plenty of legitimate criticism of President Obama, but not at the level Republicans and emoprogs display. Republicans hated him before he was inaugurated to the point they deliberately plotted to thwart economic recovery and worked tirelessly punish Americans for electing an African American man as President. The so-called professional left lacked any basic understanding of constitutionally dictated executive power or pragmatism and spent the first two years of the President’s first term bemoaning his unwillingness to grant their every wish and played an arguably pivotal role in the 2010 midterm elections that produced the least productive and most dangerous Congress in history. Republicans took advantage of their position and effectively thwarted every job creation proposal the President promoted as well as caused a credit downgrade and job-killing sequester the President was forced to accept to preserve the full faith and credit of the United States. Were their motives pure and good for the nation or the people? Of course not, but racial animus is a powerful motivator and drives even semi-sane human beings to commit irrational and dangerous acts; such is the Republican Party.

If one considers the overwhelming opposition President Obama has overcome from within and outside of his own party, his accomplishments are nothing short of miraculous. His patience and insight cannot be overstated as evidenced by his handling of a very complex situation in Syria, and despite withering criticism from the right and left, Syria is making moves to hand over their chemical arsenal without war. Regardless Republicans have obstructed and opposed each and every attempt to create jobs, there has been steady improvement in hiring and the Affordable Care Act is going to be implemented. Emoprogs complained bitterly the President did not fulfill their wish list upon entering office, but his steady hand ushered in the end of DADT and DOMA according to the constraints of the Constitution.

What is most admirable about this President is his grace and dignity in the face of constant obstruction based solely on racial animus without ever citing the reason for his critics’ opposition. Obviously President Obama understands the racial element inherent in the opposition to his policies, particularly those Republicans once held near and dear to their hearts until he supported them. There are many on the left who think this President is naïve to hold out hope the opposition will abandon their destructive ways and embrace bipartisanship for the sake of the country and its people, and it often appears that is the case. However, if one takes stock of his recurring victories it is apparent that it is not naïveté, but nuance; for that alone he deserves the nation’s support and gratitude.

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