Four Congressional Working Days Before a Shutdown, Time for Another 3 Benghazi Hearings!


Unless the House cancels their week off (they just got back from recess, they’re exhausted), they have just four Congressional working days left before a government shutdown. So what do they do?


Yes, buckle up patriots. Perhaps your House won’t even sit down for budget reconciliation and they had to delay their continuing resolution vote because, well, they didn’t have the votes. Mind you, the CR is sort of the morning-after pill of budget planning – it’s the oops stopgap, and they can’t even do that. Not good.

But one thing Republicans can really get behind is investigating our security clearance failures due to sequestration another Obama Hillary witch hunt obsessing over the horrible tragedy in Benghazi.

Your calendar of fun brings you:

On the 18th, your very important House Committee on Foreign Affairs brings you, “Hearing: Benghazi: Where is the State Department Accountability?” AKA: Let’s kill Hillary’s 2016 chances.

There are two shows planned for you on the 19th: The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform brings you “Reviews of the Benghazi Attack and Unanswered Questions” and House Armed Services Committee will bring you, “Defense Department’s posture for September 11, 2013: What are the Lessons of Benghazi?”

Nowhere in there is an explanation for why Darrell Issa won’t let the co-chairs of the Benghazi report testify in front of the TV cameras. There is also no investigation into the Republican-leaked and deliberately changed emails that implicated the White House and State Department. Oh, gosh, no, they’re just looking for the “truth” you see.

It’s a jolly good thing Putin saved the Republicans from having to vote on Syria, thus freeing up their time for more narrow politicization of one single embassy attack, while the scores of attacks under Bush were collateral damage we were expected to ignore.

Fund the government? Surely you jest. Not when there are shows to put on for the Tea Party base. Eric Cantor can’t seem to manage that House schedule to save his soul. It just keeps getting away from him. Or maybe it’s that they are working even less this year than they did last year. And poor Speaker John Boehner, the man with the second worse job in DC (hello, GOP whip), he is desperate to get out of defunding the government, but Obama’s not biting at his threats.

Still, the Speaker managed to toss the blame on the President, “It’s a shame that the president could not manage to rise above partisanship today. Instead, he should be working in a bipartisan way to address America’s spending problem — the way presidents of both parties have done before. He should work with us to delay his health care law for everyone.”

Too bad about that deficit hitting its lowest spot in five years, eh? Too bad that ObamaCare lowers the deficit. Oh, yes, it’s too bad. Too bad that the CBO estimated the Republican plan to repeal ObamaCare would boost the deficit by $109 billion from 2013 to 2022. Yes, ain’t it a shame.

How about we defund ObamaCare anyway, and for old time’s sake the President let’s us shutdown government but agrees to take the blame. Eh?

Tick tock. Four more days and the economy explodes. But, Benghazi!

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