John Boehner Promises To Protect American Families By Taking Away Their Healthcare


In a speakership that has been full of blunders, this one takes the cake. At a press conference today, Speaker John Boehner promised to protect America’s families by denying them healthcare.


At a press conference today, Boehner said, “We’re going to continue to do everything we can to repeal the president’s failed health care law. This week, the House will pass a CR that locks the sequester savings in, and defunds ObamaCare. The president has signed seven bills over the last two and a half years to make changes to ObamaCare, and I sincerely hope our friends in the Senate have plans to make this an eighth time. The law is a train wreck. The president has protected American big business, it’s time to protect American families from this unworkable law.”

John Boehner is currently under federal investigation for taking illegal campaign contributions from corporations in 2012, but he is trying to convince the American people that he is fighting for them. More odious than Boehner’s claims of middle class hero are the tactics that he is using to “protect America’s families.” Speaker Boehner is fighting tooth and nail so that the American people never have to know the horror of being able to go to the doctor. Boehner is battling hard so that the American people never have to fear the trauma of not being buried in a lifetime of medical debt.

As a member of Congress, John Boehner has really good healthcare. He knows from personal experience the dangers and temptations that come with being able to go to the doctor when you are sick. Boehner wouldn’t wish this on anyone, which is why he is fighting for you.

The idea that Speaker Boehner is a champion of America’s families because he doesn’t want them to have healthcare is absurd.

John Boehner isn’t fighting for America’s families. He is fighting to make sure that if you get sick, insurance company death panels will decide whether you get to live or die based on how much you life saving medical treatment would cost them.

In case you didn’t understand what the Speaker was really saying today, John Boehner went on the record as promising to takeaway healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans. He is also promising to deny people with preexisting conditions coverage, and to put the insurance companies back in charge of your medical decisions.

John Boehner’s leadership of the House majority has been a historic disaster, but vowing to take away the healthcare of the American people might be the biggest and final mistake of his tenure as speaker.

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