Get Angry: The House Votes and Millions Are Threatened With Starvation



I’m angry. No, make that beyond angry. I’m also embarrassed for my country and the percentage of inhuman cretins who shore up the most unfeeling millionaire House of Representatives in modern history. A pox on the frigid House, meeting place of dumb-ass monsters of God love or whatever grand light of virtue members purport to follow.

What joy the day must bring to right-wingers knowing that nearly 4 million children (those not slaughtered in school shootings) and the elderly (those who don’t commit suicide with a gun) and potentially all demographics (those not slaughtered in mass shootings) in between may starve so huge corporations and serial polluters can be subsidized with the billions brutally slashed from the nation’s food stamp (SNAP) program.


How proud you patriotic Sunday warriors must feel shutting off taxpayer funding to the aforementioned and the few who would abuse the system, handy foils so as to further marginalize (societal imprisonment?) the poor among us who seem to annoy you so much. I guess your judge, jury and executioner thinking is “Starve the bastards out” while doing the same to the vast majority of innocents who play by the rules.

I’ve been thinking about what kind of people you must be; you cretins with the thick armor of indifference toward those who are suffering. Let’s start with what we know. You love the idea that there is a percentage of the population that is particularly vulnerable. Millions of the economically deprived, through circumstances often beyond their control over whom you can feel superior.

You want the poor to jump through every conceivable work hoop to earn their supper and their children’s supper. Modern day field n*****s (though a majority are white) is how you would describe those in need of a hand. All the while your beloved giant multi-national American corporations take that work you demand of the poor overseas to equally desperate pennies-per-hour peasant populations. And while there are more whites on food stamps than blacks, the unemployment figures skew heavily in the reverse.

Then there’s the drug testing demand to qualify in the first place. Great idea. No food for an addict. Exploding crime rates anyone? Of course, Medicaid, hated by Republicans who block expansion wherever possible, is a special vehicle for the poor to help pay for drug rehab, off-times the whole tab.

So, as the moneyed classes of Congress are fully aware, the demand for work for food and drug testing is purely punitive. Something right-wingers seem to get off on. How proud you must feel. I know your mailboxes, the ones you want to hand to FedEx and UPS so all of our rates can go up and inconveniences will increase ten-fold and many of the nearly quarter-of- a-million veterans working for the Postal Service will lose their jobs, are chock full of brightly colored brochures and mailers from local Hearing Centers for behind the ear, in the ear, over the ear, digital, analog and all manner of mechanisms to boost your audio capabilities. That way you can absorb with even greater clarity the hateful remarks directed at the poor by your favorite idiot talk show hosts and the overwhelmingly Republican millionaire Congressman or woman.

Politically, life is good for the bad. While there is no chance to pass the legislation in its current crappy House form, it will, nonetheless, still be conferenced into something obscene and damaging to human beings.

Whattayuh say we vote out these extreme Republican demigogs and a few DINOs who are making this country into something that is sorely in need of a total makeover. Are such detestable initiatives as starvation, corporate rule, destruction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and public education, killing the environment, letting infrastructure rot, embracing racism, a huge differential between the haves and have-nots and guns as God, really what you envision as a country to leave to your children?

I didn’t think so. One answer and it’s the one put in place for just such an emergency: Vote!!! Every last one of you Democrats and thinking Independents. And make sure every office is filled with well-meaning, committed, informed, humane and sensible candidates.

Otherwise, we’ve crafted our own version of Don McClain’s 1971 ‘American Pie’ open to any interpretation you want to give it.

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