210 Republicans Who make Nearly $175,000 a Year Said Poor People Should Starve to Death

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Two-hundred and ten Republicans who make nearly $175,000 a year said that poor people should starve to death.


Not figuratively.  Literally.


With the recent vote in the House, Republicans again showcased their disdain and utter indifference to nearly four million Americans who depend on the SNAP program for their weekly survival.  Representatives from throughout the country cast their vote today and gave many thousands of people in their home districts a giant middle finger.  They didn’t even pretend to care about them.  They simply said that $39 billion is too steep a price to keep them alive.


It’s not just people of color that are on food stamps, although that would be ideal for Republicans if that were the case.  No, the majority of people on food stamps are actually White.  Republicans are saying they don’t care about the rural poor of the south and whether or not their children get school lunch.  They are also saying they don’t care about the nearly 175,000 veterans who depend on the SNAP program after fighting abroad to defend our freedoms.  The Republicans are essentially alienating the rural south and veterans with this vote, two key voting blocs they’ll need for any future national elections.  But, who cares when the groups you alienate don’t have a lot of political power?



In fact, when you think about the core Republican beliefs of today, you can see exactly why they DID vote to cut the SNAP program.  You see, Republicans want our country to be in chaos.  Time and time again, they have put party before country.  They have done this because they know their ideas are out-of-tune with the majority of the American population today.  They know that the average Fox News viewer is 65 years old.  They know that 80 percent of millennials support gay marriage.  They know that their ideas alone cannot win another national election.


So what do you do?  You sabotage the country.  You distort the facts.  You lie, cheat, and steal.  You vote to cut the SNAP program and then bitch and moan about how poverty rates have skyrocketed under Barack Obama.  You show the areas of extreme poverty on Fox News.  If families can’t eat of course there will be tension in the communities.  If kids are hungry at school, of course they will commit petty crimes to feed themselves and their families.  If veterans cannot support themselves of course they will be on street corners begging for food and money.  And what better image sums up a failed president than 175,000 veterans who served us proudly who can no longer even afford to eat?


In addition, with all the chaos that would ensue there would be a strain put on local law enforcement.  You remember, those union “thugs” that keep our communities safe?  Well, thanks to Republican governors a la Scott “Imperial” Walker, many of these police forces have been gutted.  What you will have will be unrest in the local communities and a police force spread so thin that they won’t be able to properly deal with any issues that may arise as a result of the nearly four million people who will be struggling to survive.  Chaos will ensue.  Families will fear for their lives and the lives of their children.



Who’s that on line one?  Why yes, that’s Republican folk hero Wayne LaPierre.  You see, as Mr. LaPierre believes, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  And, unfortunately with all this unrest, there will be a few bad guys who will be able to legally get their hands on a gun.  But, fear not!  Mr. LaPierre has a few connections here and there with the gun manufacturers and I’m sure he and the NRA would be more than willing to sell you an assault weapon or ten to defend your home.  Just say the word and you can have an arsenal at your fingertips, even if you have recently been relieved from your government job for being mentally unstable!


Guns.  Violence.  Destruction.  Civil unrest.  A country thrown into complete chaos by the callous actions of one single political party.  A bad George Orwell novel?  No, this is the exact world that today’s Republicans envision for one reason and one reason only:  Spite.  Republicans today are hellbent on ruining the presidency of Barack Obama that they are willing to destroy our nation to do so.  Today’s SNAP vote isn’t just a warning shot across the bow.  It is an act symbolic of just how low this political party will go in order to make our president look bad.


Remember today.  Remember the day when two-hundred and ten elected representatives voted on the floor of the House of Representatives and put a price tag on human lives.  Today, two-hundred and ten Republicans said that a little over $10,200 is too much money for the government to pay per person to feed 3.8 million people.  This vote came from people who make $175,000 a year who will never have to worry about how and when their next meal will arrive.  The only thing that they do have to worry about in the foreseeable future is the 2014 midterm elections.


With their vote on record today, if I were them, I’d be very, very afraid.

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