Bill Maher Explains To Republicans Why They May Never Win Another Presidential Election


Bill Maher has some bad news for Republicans. The GOP keeps selling the American Dream, but they don’t get that Americans have realized that the fix is in, and the great dream is a Ponzi Scheme.


Bill Maher used a discussion about the amount of hate on the Internet to make a broader point.

Maher said:

My question is why. Why? Why has hate become the national past time? Yes, the technology does have something to do with it, but to those who say, oh people were always horrible. We just have Twitter and Facebook now. No, no. Not like this. The Greatest Generation had celebrities, but nobody would have thought to send Myrna Loy at telegram saying, ‘F**k you, Myrna Loy. I hope Clark Gable gives you herpes.’ No. I think the problem is this. We just found out that the percentage of Americans who describe themselves as poor has doubled in the last five years. Which is very significant, because in the past the poor consistently and erroneously described themselves as middle class. Because they had hope. Because they believed in that Ponzi scheme formerly known as the American Dream.

But now they are starting to get it that the fix is in. And that the two Americas thing is kind of true, and they’re in the wrong one. Apple just released two new iPhones. An expensive gold one for the haves, and for the serfs a cheap plastic lime green one that looks like your phone is wearing Crocs. But here’s the good news, wages may not go up again, jobs may never come back, but you can get an iPhone for ninety nine bucks, and you can use it to tell Betty White to go f**K herself.

Bill Maher hit on the exact reason why Republicans keep losing national elections. Democrats have figured what they haven’t. There is a reason why President Obama is giving speeches that have as their centerpiece economic fairness. Yesterday, Obama tied the funding the government to the Republican desire to deny tens of millions healthcare. Republicans haven’t caught on yet that people aren’t buying the old Ronald Reagan sell job that in America anybody can be rich anymore.

One of the great lessons of the Wall Street caused economic collapse is that not everyone can be rich, but the rich will still be wealthy no matter how low the economy goes. Americans have realized that the game is rigged. President Obama’s speeches are laced with the idea that we need to get more people into the middle class. He and most reasonable people believe that the middle class drives economic growth.

Republicans are against this. They believe in the two Americas, and they are out to protect the interests of the much smaller wealthy America at the expense of everyone else. It is why the House voted this week to kick 3.8 million Americans off food assistance next year. People aren’t being fooled anymore. They see the wealthy still making millions while they lost their retirement and have been unemployed for years.

People are angry, and that anger does manifest itself immediately on the Internet. It took an economic collapse to wake them up, but the American people aren’t being fooled anymore.

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